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Photo of the Day comes from, where else, the #OccupyChicago protests, where protesters gathered around the Second City Tent City on Saturday night with fists raised, denouncing the capitalist system and expressing their solidarity for fellow college students. I mean, fists raised to express solidarity with fellow Urban Outfitters shoppers. I mean, solidarity for the other 99 percent of people who, like them, can spend all night and all day hanging out, smoking cloves (or other things), and misappropriating chants from 1960s aging hippies.

99 percent: who calculated that and anyone else thinking there was some serious “new math” used for that count?

What this photo can’t convey is the feeling of being surrounded by Americans willingly checking their brains out and mindlessly repeating nonsensical chants. Combine that with their fists raised, the entire scene gives us more than a chill; could it be that the universities from which the majority of those pictured came from have not taught them anything about 20th century European history or what fascism and communism has done to millions of people–the real 99 percent?

American university education – 0, 1960s-era propaganda professors – 99.


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