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This photo was sent to us earlier today; it was taken outside the Chicago Board of Trade. Notice that the poverty-stricken girl with the pretty pink sign has a Coach purse hanging at her side.

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  1. Vince Zinkl

    Discussing an expensive accessory is a distraction and missing the point. She didn’t make millions trading in credit default swaps or secutized derivitives. It’s also unlikely she’s making millions and paying only 15% tax like the hedgefund mamagers. The responses I’ve seen here are illustrative of the ignorance of so much of middle America. If you’re not going to bother educating yourself, shut up and watch some football.

    • Dedicated_Dad

      You’re right – she DIDN’T make millions doing ANYTHING.

      In fact, she’s likely NEVER earned ANYTHING doing ANYTHING.

      She’s a spoiled little rich-bitch whose Daddy has busted his ass to provide her with all sorts of crap – including (apparently) a “bedazzler” and designer accessories.

      Now she wants to destroy everything that all of her ancestors have worked to build – having no clue what her life would be like without this society and all it provides.

      Three and a half days on Bill Whittle’s program would cure her for life.

  2. Dedicated_Dad

    Personally, I don’t want to hear *ANYTHING* that ANY of them have to say unless they’re wearing clothes they hand-wove from yarn they hand-spun from fiber they hand-gathered — using *NO TOOLS OF ANY KIND* produced by any “corporation.”

    Sign on poster-board? BBZZZZZZZZZTTT!! OUTTA HERE! Do you have ANY IDEA how huge the corporation has to be to make poster-board available at $0.10 per sheet?

    Every one of these little hipsters is not only idiotic, they’re also hypocritical and deserve no more attention or any different treatment than a fly buzzing about the more productive.

    Annoyance, followed by **SPLAT**!!


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