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Two videos reveal the disturbing trend of cops crossing the line from public safety into harassment. In the first case a Sandusky, Ohio couple had their two-week old baby in the back of the car. The cop claimed the couple was initially stopped to verify the woman’s license. The situation eventually escalated into the cop claiming that a drug dog had hit on the vehicle and threatening to take their son away. During the exchange, the cop, Christopher Denny, asked the passenger for ID because he fit the description of an individual with outstanding warrants. When the passenger, Andre Stockett said under the law he wasn’t required to ID himself, Denny became more aggressive.

Stockett expressed his frustration to the Sandusky Register.

“It was so unprofessional,” Stockett said. “I tried to compose myself as long as I could….my girl takes the baby out of the car, and they search the carseat. I’m sitting in a police car, and I can’t do nothing about that. He’s two weeks old. I don’t know where it goes from here.”

The couple were eventually arrested for obstruction.

In the second case, the Hammond, Indiana couple’s 14-year old son captured the incident on a cell phone. The incident started as a seat-belt violation and ended with the passenger window of the vehicle being shattered by one of the cops and the passenger, Jamal Jones, being tasered.

The family is suing the police department and the officer. The family’s attorney told NBC news the cell phone video will be the center of their case.

“Thank goodness Joseph took the video, because the video stands for itself that these officers engaged in excessive force,” attorney Dana Kurtz said in a news conference with the couple Tuesday.

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  1. Jesse

    What I see hear is the cops were calm and civil. They gave instructions clear. The occupants in the car were not complying with the officers. Appropriate action was taken. This is another example of people not complying then wondering why more aggression against is used against them. Recording it , then trying to make it out as they are the offending and not taking responsibility for there own actions. Sure there are bad police , but I didn’t see police brutality. Just because suspects are haveing a fit doesn’t mean the cops are wrong.

    • Scott McCollum

      Jesse, You must be a jackboot yourself! What I see is jackboot thug cops on power trips breaching the peace and with no probably cause to pull them over in the 1st place! My question for these cops is where was the breach of peace and where was the victim? The only victims was the people in the car! These thug ass cops should be fired and tried. To do this with kids in the car is outrageous!

      • Jesse

        If they would have complied there would not been an incident and they would have been on their way. They didn’t so they chose to tramatize their kids. If you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. Scott it seems you like to stir the pot.

      • Scott McCollum

        It was an illegal stop to begin with and their rights were completely violated and they were afraid. They even had a newborn infant and young children in the car! Where was the breach of peace or crime? The man was a passenger in the car so he legally didnt have to show ID unless he was suspected of a crime! Total harassment and they stood up for their rights! Stop being a sheep! What PD do you work for?

        “If you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. Scott it seems you like to stir the pot.”

        You are innocent until proven guilty in this country. The burden of proof wasnt on the family! So you are ok with authorities harassing people because if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about? Thats a load of bullshit! That’s why we have a constitution! A 4th Amendment. Learn it! I dont stir the pot I just believe in a free society where you can travel unmolested! A badge doesn’t grant extra rights and I am sick of seeing the rights of our citizens violated! These cops are going to be sued and should be fired.

      • David N.

        It is hard to tell from what is shown exactly why the officers decided to ask for the passengers identity. They were stopped legally due to a seat belt violation which has happened to me and many others. It could very well be that the person not wearing the seat belt was the front seat passenger in which case they wanted his ID for the ticket. The video shows aggression on the part of the officers due to what appears to be non compliance. Without knowing more it is hard to draw a good conclusion.

  2. Chris

    Actually, David, that is incorrect, and the police and courts don’t care about the public’s ignorance of their private rights. Scott is correct in saying they cannot force him into identifying himself unless the police are in possession of a verified complaint or have personally witnessed him committing a CRIME, not just breaking a law (statute). If he doesn’t know his rights and voluntarily gives them his name or identification, his life is now at the officer’s mercy. If you take the time to read what the laws actually say, you will find something like this: Violation of a statute does NOT give police officers probable cause, unless you are a public (government) employee. Even then, if the police ‘claim’ you are a public employee, the burden of proof is on the accuser. In case you didn’t realize, speeding, seat belts, jaywalking- are ALL statutory violations NOT crimes!

    • Jesse

      #1) You don’t really know why they were stopped; a lot of assuming going on Scott. #2) I don’t work for a P.D. I’m retired but retired from what. Don’t make assumption, my friend. #3) I didn’t see harassment but I did see an overzealous reactionary. #4) How many times have you been stopped and thought you were harassed and maybe gave the officers a hard time ? (but I’m just guessing.) #5) Time will tell what really happened. Wait and see. I think there is a piece of the puzzle that may be missing. 6) Abe Lincoln said if you are looking for fault you will find it ( Paraphrased ) The evidence then is not credible. All this is sparked by Ferguson, Mo. and all the race merchants. This is like finding a demon behind every tree. I think the Police are innocent till proven guilty too.


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