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A Cleveland Ohio woman was pronounced dead 2 hours after being assaulted by Cleveland cops outside her family’s home. Counter Current News reported that during an argument, Tenesha Anderson’s family contacted police after being unable to calm the bi-polar and schizophrenic woman down. After initially agreeing to a voluntary evaluation, Anderson changed her mind.

As Tanesha called out for her brother and mother, an officer used a “Judo” take down move after having pressed her head down repeatedly in the backseat in what seemed to be a “smothering” manner, Joell Anderson said.

Joell says that after she hit her head on the concrete, and the officer placed his knee on her back, she never opened her eyes or spoke another word.

To add insult to injury, Joell says that his sister’s sundress was lifted above her waist, where it remained as officers refused to administer any aid to the unconscious woman. Joell says that he was forced to go over and use his own jacket to cover her naked lower body, because police would not, even when he asked them to.

The officers involved claimed that she resisted and during the struggle went limp. The Cleveland Police are investigating the incident.

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  1. Jesse

    This is truly a mess. In an violent person as the mentally ill person was, it was very unfortunate that she had to die. I feel bad for the family. The police internal affairs has to investigate this. With the information you supplied here is based on hearsay and conjecture. The police department will probably give this one a pass and Joell Anderson could possibly be charged with interfering with a crime scene even though he was trying to keep the dignity of woman. This will never be a settled situation for anyone. And the sad part is this will create bad feeling all the way around.

  2. Walt Griffith

    This is one of those rare cases where I can believe the story as printed. If she decided not to go voluntarily, then she should have been released; unless Ohio has what Florida calls the Baker Act, under which the police can take a person into custody if they appear to be an immediate threat to themselves or others.
    Regardless, the idea is to take the person into custody of the police, not the coroner.

    • Tom Simpson

      This was tragic and may have been avoidable if police officers were given training on how to deal with people with mental disorders. But while mental illness cases are on the rise, police training to deal with it, is not. Here’s what a retired police officer, Lt. Michael Woody, from the Akron, OH Police Department had to say. ” How much training have your police officers had in dealing with persons that have mental illness? I suspect that if your agency is like most, the answer is “Not much”! Yet, did you know that depending on which article you believe, anywhere from 7 to 15% of the calls to which a police officer responds in this country involve someone with a mental illness?”
      How long will this be allowed to continue? Why aren’t police getting the training. Officer Woody thinks that police departments are indifferent toward the mentally ill. In fact he said that police officers receive only 1 hr of training to deal with 10% of the problems they’ll face. Until this deadly discrepancy is brought to the general publics attention, I don’t see how the police departments will change.

    • Jesse

      True Walt , it’s a shame. I would like to be on that review board investigating this.

  3. A_V

    The fact that mentally disturbed people are not put into mental institutions is the problem here.

    The families are burdened by the mentally disturbed and call the POLICE.

    Family should have called a medical professional!!!

    Why are the police bring called and not a hospital, DO NOT EXPECT THE POLICE TO ACT AS DOCTORS!!!!

    It’s simple!

    Since the family called the police and not a medical professional THEY TOO ARE TO BLAME for the outcome as tragic as it is.

    Since we are seeing a rise in severely mentally ill people burdening families and living on the streets the police are forced to deal with them because they ARE MOT IN MENTAL INSTITUTIONS!!!!!

    • Ann Onnimus

      Yeah because mental institutions worked out so well in the past, didn’t they? Several hundred mentally ill people with various problems, attended by maybe just a dozen or so staff, only a few of which actually care about the people and the rest are just there for the paycheck… dozens of patients sleeping together in spartan dormitories… people sitting in their own filth or outright abused (physically or sexually) by orderlies, and sometimes other patients (or “inmates”, as they were sometimes, very TELLINGLY, called)… people rocking in corners bashing their heads against the walls… babies and toddlers with Down Syndrome or other disorders being neglected and not given the therapy they need to be able to walk or talk properly because of lack of staff and resources, which ensures they’ll need fairly intensive care for the rest of their lives… people being EXPERIMENTED ON without their or their family’s consent. One documented case had people in an institution given radioactive calcium and iron (Walter E. Fernald Developmental Center, 1946-1953). That’s SO MUCH BETTER, isn’t it? So much more humane. And it keeps the “problem” of the mentally ill and disabled nicely away from polite society where people like us don’t have to see them anymore or have to deal with such riff-raff! Mentally disabled people aren’t really people, they’re just chattels at best, and a nuisance at worst, and they should all be sterilized and locked up their entire lives, free to be used as unpaid slave labor if they have the skills. It’s for their own good, *of course*. Nothing to do with the fact that they make the rest of us uncomfortable. Eugenics is so awesome, amirite?


      America has a serious problem with mentally ill and disabled people, and it’s more the fact that we as a whole refuse to give families the physical, monetary and emotional support they need in order to deal effectively with their disabled family members. With their family is typically the best place for someone who has a disability, the place where they are most likely to have advocates who actually care for them and want to help them maximize their abilities, and the place where they are least likely to be abused or mistreated by someone who’s just there for the paycheck and has no emotional attachment or real interest in keeping them safe from harm.

    • Ann Onnimus

      Also just wanted to add:
      1) the deceased woman was UNARMED. No knife, no gun, no nothing. Presumably she was also not trained in any kind of martial art. Not to say that unarmed people with no training or fight experience can’t be dangerous when they’re on the rampage, but was a judo takedown really called for?
      2) She hit her head on concrete (which would give most people at least a mild concussion and a need to be under observation by a doctor) as a DIRECT RESULT of the judo takedown by the cop. There’s a reason why people use mats when practicing judo or MMA.
      3) After she hit her head on the concrete, the cops apparently did not even check to see if she was okay, or if she was even conscious. Why are these guys with guns so scared of an unarmed woman that they refuse to make sure they didn’t hurt her with their takedown?
      4) Their attitude toward her was displayed by the fact that they refused to even cover her up to help maintain her modesty. They didn’t care at all.

      Frankly the issue isn’t just the fact that she was mentally disabled, it’s the fact that the police use excessive force in a lot of situations and they DO NOT CARE. Literally millions of dollars are paid out in settlements every years due to police brutality through insurance that they purchase for the purpose. And you’re paying for their insurance through tax dollars, so they can be as brutal as they like because they’re not footing the bill. Why is that IN ANY WAY acceptable, no matter who’s on the receiving end?


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