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That’s right, our favorite people, the smelly occupying flea-infested bongo-bangers need some help to continue their scheme to take over Wall Street and hold our economy hostage. Last night at the “Occupy” General Assembly freak show, a recently arrested communications specialist for the occupiers made an open call for help from computer hackers to assist in their “movement.”

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3 Responses

  1. pmdozes

    Hacker has two connotations dipshit. 1 is some one who cracks other systems; the other is some one who is a creative techy with the ability to finess otherwise incompatible systems to working together. There is such a thing a certafied ethical hacker. The person was calling for hackers to help create secure networke, ie. perform penatration tests and break fixes to Occupy’s own network.

    • rebelpundit

      Lol, yeh I’m sure, the whole bunch looks so legitimate and appear to be upstanding citizens. Nice language by the way. Can you ask your friends who love using tools like iPhones, iPads, and computers, all made by corporations to try some corporately made shampoo as well, and try to get flees out of their nappy hair.

  2. Henry Parsons

    Lol pmdozes. Your fucking language is atrocious. I bet you look funny and have nappy dready dreads and you smell like some shit that shat itself! And stop attacking defenseless corporations unless you’re a Freegan who makes your own clothes. Otherwise you’re a total hypocrite…even worse than a Tea Partier who accidentally takes advantage of a government program.


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