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On Saturday, Occupy Milwaukee & Progressive Democrats of America showed up to protest an Americans for Prosperity event featuring Rep. Paul Ryan, Michelle Malkin, presidential candidate Rick Santorum and many others. We covered the protest for Education Action Group.

The protesters were unable to answer simple questions and proclaimed the individuals inside the event “are not human beings.” One protester claimed Rick Santorum is “the most disgusting of all the presidential candidates….he is openly racist, openly homophobic….” When asked to give one example of something Rick Santorum has said that is racist, the protester was unable to think of one and invited us to investigate the truth elsewhere.

Protesters also cheered as one spokesperson for the group shouted, he would “rather have comedian Roseanne Barr as president than Rick Santorum.”

[vsw id=”G8jv399b2uc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Should these guys win an award for the craziest of crazy protesters we have captured on film?

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  1. Bill

    Given the far left’s belief in the tyranny of ‘speciesism’ being called non-human may actually be a compliment. Good work Jeremy


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