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Protest actions continued throughout the day on Wednesday in Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention and will most likely continue throughout the night once again. Protesters marched from the occupy camp at Marshall Park near the convention, along with Code Pink activists. They marched for “money out of politics,” and against Duke Energy and Bank of America.

Medea Benjamin, Co-founder of Code Pink, told Breitbart New that the protest was to increase awareness about–and against–Duke Energy for spending big money in politics. When asked whether or not labor union money in politics was also a problem, Benjamin said, “I think both are problematic but at least unions represent working people and corporations represent a very small percentage, but I think we should get all big money out of politics.”

Some protesters had a more direct message and strategy to replace the current system. Caleb Maupin, a communist activist with the Workers World Party, told Breitbart News: “It’s time we had a fighting militant working class party… and eventually overthrow this system and have a real democracy, and I’m talking about socialism…”.

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