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As the President continues threatening to use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, unemployment in minority areas of Chicago continues to increase. According to the Canada Free Press, 92% of black teenage males have no job. There have been studies that show a correlation between unemployment and crime. History shows that granting amnesty in 1986 resulted in increased violence in the cities.

After the 1986 amnesty, the number of murders, which had begun to fall in the early eighties, rose again. They did not return to a pre-amnesty level until 1997. Rapes have only recently returned to a pre-amnesty level. Now the progress we’ve made is about to be undone all over again.

In 1986, murder rates suddenly rose mysteriously in major cities. The New York Times described the crime rates as being the highest since the 1970s.

In Chicago, murders increased by 20%. In New York they increased by 20%. The cities rushed to crack down on guns while insisting that they were mystified by the drastic increase.

The amnesty being proposed by President Obama is several times larger then the one in 1986.


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  1. George Kocan

    I find it difficult to believe that Obama and his Democrat handlers do not know about the positive relationship between unemployment and violence. The problem for society remains that this relationship does not hurt the Democrat Party. As followers of Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, the Democrat intellectuals understand that they need a population of violent, alienated, angry and bored persons to destabalize the political order. In Marx’s terminology such a population are called “the lumpenproletariat.”

    • SirRuncibleSpoon

      @ Kocan: I must enroll in whatever school of thought your comments represent. I read your comment and others of similar vein and it’s so easy to see in them the rantings of some alienated single guy furiously banging the keyboard in his mother’s darkened basement. But, darn it, only a deep and hostile ideological animosity against all things American can successfully explain the totality of this president’s destructive actions and lying words.

      Trying to make those actions fit a traditional partisan political template fails to explain fully what the man is up to: a wholesale transformation of America into a hapless, third-world Banana Republic at the mercy of every geopolitical whim of a world riddled with tyrants and lunatics.

      What does he think that leaves his own daughters to inherit? Does he imagine that they’ll be safe behind some privileged gated community while the rest of the country seethes in bitterness and chaos? Those daughters, even with their love of him as a father perhaps intact, will yet live to curse him as a leader.

  2. ann

    All obummer cares about is getting his demoratic voters in large numbers . Illegals will fit that.he knows he has pissed off millions of millenials and blacks and whites with all his lies. So what else is there for the ass hole to do??

  3. Jesse

    This is another tool that Obama is using to try to destroy America. He is an infiltrator and has ties to radical Islam. This has been shown in monies he has doled out to them and trying to oppress Christians and Jews. This country was formed on these principals. This is where we get our rights from not Shira law of the muslims. Muslims can worship freely in this country because of that. Blacks and Christian and Jews need to realize that if they don’t fight against Obama they may end up in internment camps or worse . Slavery, Jim Crow , who knows ?

  4. Timothy W Lucas

    This isn’t going to help but I’ve noticed in the last six years he isn’t about helping. I’ve never witnessed someone that does no good for anyone. I think they have a word for that.

  5. Tom Simpson

    Obama is certainly aware that legalizing 11 million or 30 million or however large the pool of foreign workers illegally living here. Because he gave his opinion on the subject when he was a Senator. It is now being played back to him on the radio. Back then Obama disagreed with amnesty. It would have been political suicide to do otherwise in blue collar Democratic Illinois. Now that he’s President of the world, he flipped 180 degrees in favor of blanket amnesty. Do we credit Valeri Jarrett for changing his mind? Or can we assume he is an incurable pathological narcissistic liar? In either case, Obama has proven his unworthiness to do what is Right and Just for the benefit of the General Welfare of the People and the Republic. Such as it is, it would be Right and Just for the Democratic Party to impeach Obama for his betrayal to them and to the American People, for failure to carry out his duties according to the US Constitution he took an oath of office to uphold. But courage to impeach is lacking among Democrats. Fear reigns. Connivance and political opportunism holds back the Republicans. And just as in Rome, in the time of the Emperor Nero, when narcissist Nero’s errant behavior created opposition to his destructive nature. The Roman Senate and Nero’s close advisors, failed to preempt with decisive action to stop Nero before he burned Rome to the ground. Such as it is today. Opposition to Obama is paralyzed with fear and opportunism. While intrigue substitutes for decisive action to remove Obama, Obama feels emboldened to do as he wishes. If he remains in office, it means decisive action to legally remove him or prevent him from making decisions was not taken. Obama will thus be free to continue to politically, socially and economically burn this Republic to the ground!

  6. Karen

    The issue is jobs and resources. We don’t have enough jobs to go around. And people are going to flood into this country in search of whatever resources are available. This is going to lead to an economic drain. We need to employ and fortify the folks here at home that are citizens of this country. They should come first. The President should be loyal to the citizens of this country. And he was on the record many times saying he can’t and won’t do this, but he is………. He is not standing in his word.


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