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Monday, President Obama joined union workers at “Labor Fest” in Milwaukee, where the black unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation for urban areas, to tout U.S. job growth and recovery after taking office in 2008.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Obama said that over the past 53 months American businesses have created nearly 10 million new jobs.

“You wouldn’t always know it from Washington news — by almost every measure, the American economy, the American workers are better off than when I took office,” he said. “We’re better off by almost every measure.”

While it might be easy for the president to tell that to a rally full of employed union members with contracts, elite benefits and pension plans, his decision to do it in Milwaukee seems like a slap in the face to black America.

According to a 2010 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee study, Race and Unemployment in the Wake of the Great Recession, black unemployment was 52.7%.

Additionally, the Journal Sentinel reports that the poverty rate among Milwaukee’s black residents is a staggering 41%. The black infant mortality rate is over 12% and nearly half of black men in their 30s and 40s have been incarcerated.

It would be interesting to see the reaction President Obama would receive if he held a rally in one of America’s black communities, or better yet Milwaukee’s black community, with regular everyday folks struggling to feed their families because they can’t get a job working on the roads in their neighborhood, or a nearby factory, and tell them “We’re better off by almost every measure.”

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  1. Jack J Jones

    How in the world can anyone hear this guy talk and believe a damn thing he says. Everyone should know that most of the jobs are just part time ones, so most people of the people hold down two jobs just to make it from week to week. There has been very few high paying jobs created since 2008 because most of the good paying job have been sent over seas where the wages are just a small portion of what it is here. There has been hundreds of thousands of good job that left here with his ok. He does not care for anyone but himself and his union friends that pay him under the table. Now this idiot wants to raise the minimum wages to 11.50 a hour. If that ever happens then the cost of every thing will go up, so what good will it do. Just think about what this guy is trying to do to this great country. (PLEASE)

  2. Tom Simpson

    It reminds me of the joke about the guy who after being told about Obama’s 10 million new jobs said, yeah I know, I’ve got three of them! The truth of the matter is starkly different from what Obama is telling the people of Milwaukee. In physical terms, the US is in certain economic distress. It began long before Obama. Since the dollar crisis in 1967-68, U.S. production, in physical terms, began collapsing at about 2% a year. And continued to decline until Jimmy Carter’s policies acted to accelerate the rate of collapse helped by Volcker’s 25% interest rates. The war party of Bush Sr and company worked feverishly to get a war going under Reagan and finally succeeded when Daddy Bush seized the White House. The US was already disinvesting out of our high yield nuclear energy systems and advanced science projects like NASA, but Bush’s 1990 Iraq war would speed up the collapse of the real economy. By the time Bill Clinton took office the United States economy was a train wreck. Clinton recognized it was the monetary system itself that was at fault. He knew enough about the floating exchange rate IMF system to know that bankers didn’t recognize the value of investing in US manufacturing and food production. The system was driven by speculation and bankers and hedge fund operators were products of the system. Financial speculation drew funds away from productive investments let alone the long term great projects that were needed for the country to recover. Bill seriously intended to do something about it. And with that intention, President Bill Clinton embraced the pro-growth economic concepts of American System economist, Lyndon LaRouche. Bill called it a “new international financial architecture.” He presented it to the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR). Robert Rubin appealed to international bankers at an IMF meeting to join President Clinton in discussing LaRouhe’s alternative credit system. This was 1998 at the height of the Russian GKO bond market collapse which collapsed LTCM capital mgt company and caused Wall St to panic! But before President Clinton could take further steps to change the IMF system to a system devoted to “growing the economy” as Bill would say, Richard Mellon Scaife’s apparatus went to work to prevent it from happening. Bill’s impeachment halted his momentum and in fact led to repealing Glass-Steagall in the 11th hr of his Presidency. Bush Jr continued in the ways of his father. The crisis only worsened until the housing bubble popped in 2007, causing a chain reaction collapse of derivative markets around the world. Americans were bamboozled into bailout of the US Federal Reserve Banking system. Tens of trillions of printed dollars were fed into the bankrupt too big to fail banksters. The US real economy continued to seize up as employers in our cities and states continued to shed workers. Nothing has changed under Obama except the size of Wall Street’s debt bubble, now standing at 200 trillion. And the worsening plight of millions of Americans who are without jobs or the hope of getting one. Desperate to care for their families and farms, the system has got to be changed now as the first step to recovery. It starts with reinstating the Glass-Steagall two tier banking system that worked for 67 years. It forces reorganization of the US banking system and cancels out the $200 trillion in claims Wall St says is theirs. Well, they can have it all back. We’re not going to pay a dime on any of it. What we will do is act to create a two tier credit system and a national bank. We’ll also return the duties of the FED back to the US Treasury where they Constitutionally belong. Emergency measures to get a recovery underway will require federal credit directed into job creation in economic infrastructure projects, producing water, power and high speed transportation systems. This will put millions of our people back to work in good paying jobs, producing again. We must also create a crash fusion energy program to harness the power of the Sun with which to power our nation and explore our solar system. We should immediately join the BRICS global development perspective. We must also have a program that will draw 18 to 25 year olds into joining in this process of reconstruction. A CCC like program under the direction of the Army Corp of Engineers that would require two years to train young people in the art of city building and engineering. Then at the end of their two years they can further their education, find work using their new skill or enlist for a full tour of duty in the’ Army Corps or another branch of service. If we are successful in these efforts, I believe we can save our nation. I also believe we can succeed in overcoming the human condition that allowed evil bankers to degrade industries and cities. Then per chance, our children and grandchildren will be able to one day look back on this period and say, thank you. Thank you for giving us a future.


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