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Rebel Pundit’s Jeremy Segal interviewed Obama supporters in line to see the president yesterday about the lack of a teleprompter during the first debate:

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  1. George Kocan

    It was unfair for Obama to debate Romney, who is a Republican and has all the advantages of being a Republican, that is, inclined to do homework in preparation for the most important debate of his life. It was unfair for an Affirmative Action person to have to debate a person with real credentials and real accomplishments. It was unfair to even organize a debate when Obama could be playing golf or visiting Las Vegas. I mean, can’t you see, Obama just doesn’t get a break!

    • Pat

      Obama sure didn’t want to be there. Was without his pacifier, a teleprompter. Looking forward to the next debates.

    • digdug

      WTH happened to REASON in the USA? Have all libs & progressives been secretly lobotomized? President Teleprompter is the poster child of this Slacker generation!

  2. el polacko

    i have the latest flash player but the video is still not loading….???

  3. Jack

    The only one who came close to any semblance of “understanding” is the last girl who thought for a moment and asked, “Shouldn’t they both be able to use one?”

    Why would one memorize the debate? Being able to eloquently deliver a speech is one thing. Being able to eloquently deliver one’s thoughts and opinions is quite different and should not require a teleprompter.

  4. sylvia

    It is difficult to grasp that such drastic and dangerous stupidity is around us And they open their mouth

    • scott

      ” It is difficult to grasp that such drastic and dangerous stupidity is around us And they open their mouth”

      Not only do they open their mouth they vote!

  5. Carter

    Oh my, should the president be allowed to have prepared answers to questions that he is given ahead of schedule by multiple weeks, in which he has carefully crafted answers at his disposal and memorized, or, should he be given the holy grail of a teleprompter? Please, someone, tell me why anyone that is a President of a Nation, should be given a teleprompter to answer the most basic questions in a debate on your political views! If you cannot even verbalize your viewpoint on education, taxes, jobs, and how you will accomplish these views and goals, then why in the world should you be given a device to spoon feed you answers that you did not even come up with. This is why society sucks, we have a President that cannot even accomplish his views, because the teleprompter doesn’t even tell him HOW he will ACCOMPLISH them.


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