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Protesters spoke out at a hearing held to discuss turning over parkland on the South Side of Chicago to the University of Chicago to build the Obama Library. They expressed the need for U of C to build an adult trauma center to serve the black community on that side of the city before they consider building the library. An attendee posted footage from the hearing on Facebook.

Progress Illinois reported on the opposition to the library.

“We are sending the message that the U of C does not deserve the honor of the Obama library until they recognize the value of black lives by providing trauma care on the South Side,” Veronica Morris-Moore with Trauma Care Coalition said in a statement before last night’s event. “The U of C is proposing massive redevelopment of Woodlawn and Washington Park, but they are still failing to respond to basic community demands.”

The University of Chicago opened its trauma center in 1986, only to close it to adults in 1988. They still have a trauma center, but only take children age 16 and younger. Not only did they close the trauma center, in 2007, while an executive with the university’s hospital board, Michelle Obama initiated a program that reduced emergency beds at the hospital and sent non-emergency patients to community clinics, further exacerbating the problem.

Others were focused on giving away public parkland to a private entity.