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That’s right folks, you don’t want to miss this.

From March 26-30, Chicago’s Midwest Academy will be putting on a spring training session, “Organizing for Social Change,” at the Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center in Lincoln Park.

The “training agenda” will contain everything the future totalitarian organizers will need to succeed, like, “Fundamentals of Direct Action Organizing, Understanding Relations of Power, Strategies Guidelines, Action Guidelines, etc.”

But that’s not all, for a modest $1,100, you can have your own room perfectly appointed with all of the luxuries any proper collectivist society will surely become accustomed to–after we finally achieve that “better world” we are all struggling for.

Doesn’t that sound terrific!!! Who cares about those lavish material items like private baths, radios, TV or phones in your room? You still get bed linens! And there is even meat included in the meals without any special request!!!

Coincidentally, you may have also heard about a play held in Chicago in 1998 called, “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky.” Following the play, a panel discussion was held with then State Senator “Baraka Obama” and founder of the Midwest Academy, Heather Booth, among other lesser known but key Chicago radicals. It has been disclosed by Pam Dickler, the director of the play, that she still has a video copy of the play, but will not release it.

Seeing as how Obama also oversaw sizable grants to the Midwest Academy when he sat on the board of the Woods Foundation with his close friend, “domestic-terrorist” Bill Ayers, he surely must be proud to see the radical traditions he helped lay the groundwork for in Chicago continue to breed future radical soldiers for him.


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  1. DEF

    That’s a small group picture!!!! Looks like lots of common people are attending to voluntarily be “Brainwashed” (*To use Erick Holders word to explain the rigorous train program they must go through)They will be the Castle guards, who themselves will live in poverty….But they’ll be proud of their King/Emperor/Dictator/False Priest!!!


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