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A former Chicago Public School teacher tells RebelPundit that 50 public schools were closed in mostly black communities as a result of actions taken by Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.

Rosita Chatonda, alleges that Lewis intentionally paved the way for the south and west side schools to close by supporting the controversial Senate Bill 7. Chatonda suggests that Lewis’s support for the legislation was retaliation against south and west side black school teachers, 75% of whom did not vote for Lewis in the recent union election.

According to Chatonda, the chief reason teachers did not support the bill was the inclusion of “seniority and economic layoffs,” meaning the removal of protections teachers with seniority had for their jobs in the event of a fiscal emergency. In this way, Senate Bill 7 paved the way for the “unsupportive” teachers to lose their jobs.

Chatonda says as many as 8,000 teachers in Chicago’s black communities lost their jobs because of Lewis, who presented herself, ironically, as the loudest opponent to the “racist” school closings.

Following the CTU Strike and school closings, Lewis–who Chatonda says is the only person actually to benefit from the strike–was anointed as the Chicago Media’s darling choice to threaten Rahm Emanuel’s re-election bid for mayor. But early on in the campaign, Lewis announced she was ill with a brain tumor and would not seek the office.

Shortly thereafter, Lewis instead endorsed Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, a career neo-liberal activist and politician with ties to the Communist Party U.S.A. Garcia later admitted on January 12, 2015, that Lewis and the CTU were his inspiration for running for mayor, and that despite her illness she would be on the campaign trail.

On Friday, at a campaign event in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood with Jesse Jackson, Chuy found himself at the center of criticism from local activist and outspoken critic of Chicago’s Black Democrat leadership, Mark Carter. Carter told Chuy and Jackson both, “don’t come in our neighborhood,” before accusing them of not caring about the problems facing his community and telling them to “go to hell.”

RebelPundit obtained raw footage of the heated exchange:

Carter and fellow Chicago activist Paul McKinley will discuss Chatonda’s interview with RebelPundit, and the upcoming election on local cable access CAN-TV, live on April 4th at 10:00 a.m.

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Editorial Note: Rosita Chatonda’s interview was filmed in July 2014 as part of an ongoing RebelPundit project.

13 Responses

  1. Gregory Toran

    That’s communist democrats for you, steal money commit fraud and waste while hoisting themselves up as leaders in da community. Stab you in the back and still expect your vote, after all, who you going to vote for the republicans? Yeah you should think long and hard before continuing to promote and support Uncle Sam’s Plantain, get your ass back out in the field digging for welfare checks!! And support Jessie the racebater with a donation today before he comes around asking for racial healing with his hand out!!

  2. Scott M

    I believe that every child in the USA deserves access to the best education
    that is available no matter what race they are but it is no secret that Chicago has a major thug and
    violence problem.
    If its the neighborhoods where these thugs and gang members who are doing all
    the mass killings on a daily basis live, then I dont blame these teachers one bit!
    No teacher should have to do their jobs in fear! If this is the case then these
    thugs and their parents need to take responsibility.

  3. Jake

    The fact that you only have videos bashing Chuy tells me one thing. Paid for by Rahm Emanuel. Sorry your website is garbage. You’ll probably delete this comment too.

  4. Thomas Scott

    I am not surprised as the CTU seems to have a mole or two in its own organization. Marty Ritter was working for fake progressive Bob Fioretti’s ward office pretending to be anti-Rahm supporter but he and Bob had knowledge of a tax cheat ally of Rahm’s and they sat on it. Ritter bitches about Rahm for Chuy now acting like a CPS supporter but he doesn’t see anything wrong with CPS magnet schools keeping facility rental fees for weddings, expensive 3rd party summer camp for rich kids,etc. If he was true CTU supporter he would want that $$ sent back to HQ for use by other schools. It was a lot of money at one magnet school. I think that Ritter worked for Office of New Schools when Arnie Duncan gave her a fat salary as Director. Yet Karen Lewis seems to keep Ritter around the CTU org. What can you expect in Chicago, a city where even the politicians are false flagging each other. I might expect to see Ritter working for Rahm someday haha

    • carol Jakson

      How dis you know about how awful Ritter is. You are right he will be working for Rham soon. He has no choice the CTU is a dead. Only a matter of time before it doesn’t exist.

  5. Larry Dale Crumbley

    I have a feeling he is a STOOGE for the so-called REV.???? Jackson, and guys I have seen several vids. of you guys getting up in the face of both of them. I love what you guys are doing—Jackson feels all you are suppose to do is jump in line and follow everything he says to follow!!! WHAT A REPREHENSIBLE CLOWN HE REALLY IS!!!!

  6. madeline Brashear

    For all these black people selected for their bitter complaints against the president, you could find the same number of black people who see and know the good work the president has done that has benefitted them. Just because these people denigrating the president are black does not mean that they speak for all of black America. I assure you they don’t.

    • SCOTT

      Neither do YOU Madeline, I can assure you of that. HOW DARE these Black People speak out against Obama , who you and other, ethnocentric Blacks worship in a ‘Messiah’ complex, right? Try opening your eyes one day. There is a lot to see.

  7. Rosita Chatonda

    The CTU lost the right to have a reasonable strike under Senate Bill 7. The strike in 2011 was to insure that the CORE caucus and Karen Lewis remained in office. Teachers were used to confront the mayor and ended up losing. They could only strike for money under SB7 and the strike threshold was changed also. The CTU must have 75% of it’s voting members to agree to strike as opposed to 51% of the voting members. That’s what Lewis signed on to. Therefore, teachers can get nothing but money and when CPS has a financial deficit that can’t get money either. It’s 2015, the CTU
    leadership election is 2016. Lewis and CORE want to take teachers out on another useless strike to insure election in 2016. Once again schools on the South and West Sides will have to be closed,
    consolidated or phased out because the schools in these communities are underutilized. They are half empty due to the proliferation of charters, the 150 school closings and the loss of over 200,000 or more African American residents purged during the Daley years. Over 95,000 were school aged children. Therefore , any actions to grant money for the CTU by striking will adversely effect teachers, parents and students on the South and West Sides. That’s what happened in 2011 and that’s what going to happen again if there is a strike. there has been a loss of over 5,000 African American teaching positions under CORE and Karen Lewis. There are only about 5,000 African American teachers left . In the last 90’s there were 15,000, in 2000 there were 12,000 and in 2010 when Lewis took office there were about 9,000 . The demographics for White teachers are constant and have remained the same, all other minorities including Hispanics have grown. The only thing teachers on the South and West sides can get by agreeing to strike is a pink slip. So much for union solidarity.


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