Pin It has just released the following video production of Barak Obama’s roots and heritage. We recommend you watch this video and pass it on.

President Obama’s birth certificate is both the Hot Button and the Third Rail of politics, and rightfully so. Put aside for the moment your opinion on the specific issue, and look to the broader one: Barack Obama has not only not made available, but has actually legally sealed (at great expense) the document that could resolve this issue, plus all of his academic records, his medical records, and his travel records. People can be forgiven for suspecting that this much smoke is generated by some kind of fire.

There is a great deal of verified, factual information on the man I am calling The Enigma — information published in major newspapers like the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Presidents own writings, and so on — that does not depend on speculation or theory. The birth certificate issue goes to the President’s legitimacy. I decided to string all of this reliably reported information — none of which is in doubt and all of which is sourced on-screen — to attack not his legitimacy, but his character — which is to say, his fitness.

via » Barak Obama the Enigma, Part I: Strange Bedfellows – Big Government.

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