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On Tuesday, filmmakers, Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus, were on the scene for RebelPundit at the NeverTrump protest outside of a Donald Trump rally for president in Janesville, WI.

Don’t miss Segal & Marcus’s short film “Silencing Trump: Bill Ayers & the Fire from Below.”

Segal caught the following incident where a #NeverTrump activist can be scene shouting at a Trump supporter. The #NeverTrump activist shouts “F*ck You! You fat b*tch!” Before he attempts a backflip that went very badly.

**Language Warning**

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8 Responses

  1. GeorgeKocan

    I have to wonder what causes such furious and hysterical anger. It reminds me of Goldwater’s campaign for the presidency against Lyndon Johnson. The Democrat press could not contain itself, publishing articles, even, of shrinks who diagnosed him as pathological without any personal contact. The media storm was so severe that in Chicago, on the Eisenhower Expressay, a motorist stopped a car, pulled the driver out and beat him up because he looked like Goldwater. Most certainly, Trump has exposed the mental pathology which animates Democrats. Usually, they hide it and appear normal. Not now. The mental illness is on full display, the paranoia, the delusions of granduer, the mindless aggression. And yet, these people are running the most powerful government in the history of the earth. It just does not look good.

    • TOM

      This is NOT representative of what the country needs. Thank goodness. We need economic relief from the dictates of Wall Street that they have over our economy. There isn’t long term development of our economic infrastructure or mfg and agriculture because of it. Glass-Steagall is once again our best policy option to reform our banking system into two tiers. Investment banking and commercial banking. This will cancel most of the derivatives of other funny money claims that are smothering the US economy. Concurrent with Glass-Steagall we must create a Credit System and National Bank or similar facility that can be used to extend low cost credit for long term development of the US physical economy. Focusing on energy intensive and capital intensive industries and infrastructure, water, power, and transportation systems and machine tool design. This will put millions of our unemployed back to work producing physical goods. NASA must also be restored to full funding. The US manned space program must also be restarted and the moon mars mission once again our aim. Next we need a crash fusion energy program to develop commercial fusion in no more than 12 years. Fusion energy is the energy that powers the Sun. We must harness fusion to power our industries and homes on earth, while fusion rockets power our astronauts to Mars and beyond. We should immediately join the BRICS development program that has been commenced by China, to build the New Silk Road and Eurasian Land Bridge. By joining the BRICS nations, led by China and Russia, the US will recover. It will be slow at first but by mustering our economic potential we will recover nonetheless. We must also return the Dollar to a fixed exchange rate, pegging it to gold. The gold reserve system will shake out currency speculators like Soros but more importantly it will bring stability to currencies and trade between nations. New terms of trade with nations on the Continent of Africa, for instance, shall be based on long term, 20 to 25 year investment in economic infrastructure projects. The TransAqua project and Lyndon LaRouche’s Lagos Plan Of Action, are both ready to go. What’s needed is credit and commitment to see it through. And the BRICS offer both. If we have the moral fitness to survive, we must seize the opportunity to make this our future. We owe it to our posterity.

      • GeorgeKocan

        I am only interested in the pathological behavior of the Democrats and their socio-fascist buddies. The Dems run Wall Street, too. Wall Street does not appear on any ballot. Democrats constitute the major social, political and moral problem of today.

  2. Roger Paquette

    …a Community organizer became CIC by preaching hope and change which most can agree was an unmitigated disaster. Americans have also voted in a preacher/actor/buffalo hunter/revolutionary/peanut farmer/army general/lawyer/war hero and notorious misogynist womanizer and letch….Now when the stakes have never been higher, when the US is facing bankruptcy and economic collapse, don’t you think perhaps a person who is among the most successful businessman through this century who isn’t beholding to ANY of the special interests, Lobbyists or the establishment (which has a choke hold on all American institutions) because he is self – funding and refuses to be bought out, may be the best and last bet to rescue American society from impoverishment and open socialism?

    History never provides us with the ideal person we would want for office to confront serious treats to the country and people but History does periodically provide what we ‘need.’. It’s your challenge to recognize this and disregard those who would keep us where we are for their own gain…Vote Trump!!

  3. Roger Paquette

    …It’s sad but not surprising to see how the entrenched establishment and American fascists are reacting to Trump. Let’s be clear here, it really has nothing to do with Trump as this is what the radical left always does, they block with coercion, intimidation or physical violence any dissenting viewpoint that isn’t in line with their policies of total political mind control and inevitable economic ruin. Leftist apologists for these street actions by groups such as Black Lives Matter or occupy Wall Street (Street muscle as characterised by Bill Whittle) want us to believe that these violent incidents are a result of and not the cause of the disturbances during the Trump rallies when in fact this is the typical response for any who challenge their world view. There are numerous examples of how the left restrict free speech at University campuses throughout the country, particularly, as late, during this election cycle. They stage their protests then declare victory for social warriors while stepping all over the 1st amendment. Free speech only matters and is allowed for if you are espousing their views. It’s interesting how the left will disrupt the peaceful expression of differing views with violence then accuse those who hold those views as being responsible for creating the violence. In the 1920’s and 30’s the National Socialist’s had their own private army disrupt the Weimar Republic to force compliance and stifle any criticism of Hitler in the same way. Hitler and his cronies understood that they could not achieve total control only through the electorate and had to make the transition through culture as well. That was why they targeted the universities and print media while using thugs (the SA) to intimidate dissenting opinion on campuses and in the public in general. The Chinese were also very good at this, that’s where the term ‘Progressives’ comes from by the way.
    So, what are the Fascist American Progressives afraid of anyways; Well anyone who contradicts their point of view; Incidents to squash 1st amendment rights have occurred all over America: Butler U, Berkley, Michigan, MIT, U of Chicago, Princeton, Portland State, Texas, Indiana, UC Davis, U of Washington, U of Hawaii, U of Washington, U of Illinois, Delaware, UCLA and San Francisco State. Also at Boston U, Harvard, Wisconsin, Arizona State, Bolling Green, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Purdue, Gonzaga U, U of Penn, and u of Missouri …Their tenured Fascist leaders are afraid of dissenting ideas because they know their ideas don’t stand up to scrutiny and, like Hitler, will squash any dissention they come across to maintain the supremacy of their views and ensure it is foisted upon everyone else…Conservatives love free speech and are willing to defend it with their lives because when it comes to the free exchange of ideas, we win and they lose and both sides know it. One side calls it free speech and the other calls it Hate Speech. Any word, sentence, speech or rally that threatens their goal of ensuring that the University becomes a place to go to, to perpetually close the human mind and ensure that political dissent be crushed with the same violence that these fascist bastards on the left have always employed.
    …props to Bill Whittle on this, it should be stated.

  4. Daryl

    Like you page! Got link off
    Yes America needs a reprieve from the Libtard lunatics!!
    It will either be Trump as POTUS or we will be looking at a civil war!

  5. D D RED

    WOW that was a walking breathing M O R O N caught on live camera.


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