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NBC Chicago’s Charlie Wojciechowski ignored and lashed out a reporter who covered the Northwestern University Midwest Marxism conference over the weekend, in particular referring to reporting of Teachers Union VP Jesse Sharkey’s presence there as “full of sh*t.”

The conference was notable not only for its radical content and secretive nature (I was booted after being discovered as “not in solidarity”), but also for the large contingent of teachers present. Chicago Teachers Union t-shirts were for sale in the lobby and, in addition to Jesse Sharkey speaking to a breakout session, much of the content was dedicated to revisiting the successful partnership between the International Socialists Organization (ISO) and the CTU, and how they plan to collaborate even more closely in the future.

None of this fazed NBC’s Wojciechowski, who was covered an ISO/Action Now protest in downtown Chicago yesterday. In fact, he seemed quite irate that he was being clued in to actual news. From Rebel Pundit:

Rebel Pundit writes:

Wojcieckowski told me, “I’m working… We are doing something here… We are covering a protest.”

I questioned Wojciechowski further as to whether he was actually covering the protest, or covering it up? Wojciechowski replied, “If Breitbart was a legitimate organization, I would talk to you, but it’s not, Breitbart is full of shit.”

Wojciechowski went on apparently, to cover up who the leaders of the protest were and filed a report of which the protest leaders approved. While I did see and film Wojciechowski interviewing Mr. Sharkey, that interview does not appear in the story Wojciechowski filed, and remains unclear whether or not he ever asked Sharkey about his involvement with the Marxist organization.

Andrew Breitbart’s call to hold the media accountable remains truer than ever. You can find NBC Chicago on twitter here. See also The Blaze’s excellent send up of the protest where Rebel Pundit caught Wojciechowski covering for the CTU–a protest that apparently had almost NO TEACHERS.

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  1. George Kocan

    What makes Wojciechowski think that NBC is a serious organization? I have stayed away from NBC’s version of the truth for years (I can’t count how many). The Chicago Teachers Union is in league with commies and socialists and the Democrat Party, and people wonder why Chicago schools systematically produce intellectual failures, especially, among minority students.


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