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After our story this morning about National Review’s contempt for patriotic Americans, that want an alternative from the GOP establishment for president, Kevin Williamson, one of the NRO writers we critiqued, responded to further criticism on Twitter with more pettiness name calling.

Williamson called supporters of Donald Trump, “Trumpkins,” saying they are “not conservative, they are suckers.”

Kevin Williamson trumpkins

Williamson can be found on Twitter at @KevinNR.


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  1. Jesse Ybarra

    Mr. Williamson probably calls Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio conservatives too. I’m a conservative , I’d never vote for Trump, but he is 100% percent right on the illegal immigration subject. Something that the Rinos will not do. THEY ARE COWARDS ! Lets take back AMERICA from both the democrats and established republicans. WAKE UP AMERICA ! TED CRUZ 2016



    • way2confused

      What this, and many other buffoons criticizing Trump are failing to realize is that Trump is pointing the way to the White House. He is verbalizing the thoughts of the American people who are too afraid to seak out for fear of retribution by this horrific administration.

      And not for nothing, but you NEVER see the Democrats eat their own like the GOP is doing with Trump. The GOP needs to be focusing on Hillary and the destruction to this country that will be realized if she is elected.

      FINALLY someone is throwing the 1 amendment crushing “political correctness” out the window where it belongs. Personally I find it refreshing as apparently millions of other Americans do also. The left has been very successful in corralling conservatives by using “political correctness” to the point where they are kowtowing and apologizing for statements they may make.

      Remember, “political correctness” is but the first step in the eliminating of our First Amendment rights. Make no mistake about it.

    • Kevin

      Trump speaks his mind, and not every single idea or endorsement of an idea is Conservative. But IMO not enough to be called a Liberal, or RINO. He knows where his base is. He knows its people fed up with Washington who don’t want Bernie Sanders Socialism, but don’t want crony capitalism either. They want a return to decency, patriotism, self empowerment, and only want government to set the stage for it by cutting back spending and thus taxes, taking care of America first and not send billions to our enemies. People think Trump doesn’t listen, he comes across as a know it all. That’s his stage performance. As a negotiator he listens more than talks, this comes from eye witnesses that have had to negotiate with him. Then he pitches his deal and has the knack to create win win situations, where both side win, but he happens to win just a little more..

  2. Tommy Holly

    Calling them suckers will only alienate them and make them overlook any objectively bad things about Trump. Not a good idea.

  3. Desiree M. Brown

    “Trumpkins,” what a great idea for a tee-sheet. Donald Trump’s team should use that and turn it into a positive. It sounds catchy.

    • Desiree M. Brown

      “Trumpkins,” is a great idea for a tee-shirt, that’s what I meant to say. It sounds like something that would interest Donald Trump supporters. A way to turn a negative into a positive!

  4. ann

    If we survive obummer it’ll be a miracle. We are all doomed to fry cause of this devil incarnate .

  5. Kathleen

    Trump realizes that the lives of all American citizens are seen as an acceptable sacrifice for the massive shift in voter demographic being engineered through that determinedly open border. He will close that border, fast. That’s what he does. He acts.

  6. Frank Rizzo

    National Review has been infiltrated by islamofacist supporters of islamic Tyranny…they try to define Islamophobia as legitimate, in other words a form of discrimination against Islam…
    This is an attack on free speech….once a large scale acceptance of the word is embedded in society, they’ll recommend Islamophobia be a hate crime, and welcome the islamic tribunal mandates against it…
    Censorship and isolation is the aim of National Review…

    Using the pen to incite riots in the name of Allah

  7. Brittney

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