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This is by far the most ridiculous “main-stream” media coverage we have seen, coming out the flea-infested dirty-hippie camps.

One of the soiled-linen, freak-show loons threatened to stab a Fox News New York reporter, and the reporter actually goes out of his way to make clear, that this is just one “individual” and is “not representative of the whole movement.”

Okay, it is one individual. Yes, there are non-violent imbeciles down there too. However, it is also one more “individual” occurrence of violence, in what is obviously becoming an epidemic and unsurprising.

So why is this Fox reporter going out of his way to isolate this incident from the reputation of the whole group? And, at what point, do a number of “individual” incidents of violence become representative of the entire movement?

H/T: Pat Dollard

Fox 5 News Reporter Assaulted At OWS:


A protester, angered by the presence of a news crew inside Zuccotti Park Friday morning, threatened to stab Fox 5 News reporter John Huddy.

What has been an otherwise violence-free period during his six weeks covering the Occupy Wall Street movement, took a turn for John Huddy. He explained what happened during Good Day New York:

“This is somebody I’ve come across several times for the last few days. He threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. He ripped the mic out of my hand,” said Huddy.

“I have a meeting with Bloomberg,” said the incoherent protester. The man was soon arrested by the NYPD.

Huddy had gone into the park to find out what protesters were doing to fight the significant drop in temperatures.

“I don’t think this person represents the whole. One of the media representatives asked me not to categorize this one person as representative of the whole group. Most of the folks I’ve dealt with have been accomodating. There is an element here that we’ve seen that has caused problems. Overall, it has been peaceful in the park,” added Huddy.


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  1. Rick Santelli's Belly

    Truly pathetic and disgraceful! Clearly all of these protesters are violent pen-stabbing assholes. How can they not see that this violence is becoming an epidemic? Bunch of violent dirty hippies that must be stopped at all costs.


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