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It has been been ten months since Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by Milwaukee Police Officer, Christopher Manney. District Attorney John Chisholm has still not made a decision on whether charges should be brought against Manney. Chisholm has never filed charges against an officer in an officer related homicide since his tenure began in 2007.

Hamilton’s family has been waiting for seven months to see evidence of the attack Manney claims he was under from Hamilton, which led to the shooting.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, the family’s attorney, Jon Safran, released autopsy results showing Hamilton had been shot once in the back.

One of the 14 bullets fired by a Milwaukee police officer at a mentally ill man killed in a downtown park in April hit him in the back, according to official autopsy results released Monday by an attorney for the man’s family.

Jon Safran, the attorney for Dontre Hamilton’s family, said he wants the public to have “more accurate information” as a prosecutor weighs whether to file charges against Officer Christopher Manney.

The autopsy also revealed that half of the shots had a downward trajectory, indicating Hamilton was on the ground or that Manney was at an angle making him above Hamilton. It also confirmed there were no drugs in Hamilton’s system.


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  1. Linda Nitzschke

    Shot 14 times? How many rounds did his gun hold? Did he have to reload? Something stinks about this, and I hope it is thoroughly investigated and honestly investigated.

    • Jesse

      Must have been a 14 round clip. 14 rounds in the back. Is there a fleeing felon law there ? A 9 mm. If a shot with a semi -automatic I can’t tell where the rounds go. A revolver I can tell where they go. I would have emptied a gun if I had a 14 round clip 9mm.


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