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Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, appeared on the “The Kelly File” on Fox News on Tuesday night. Clarke criticized Attorney General Eric Holder for being irresponsible with his comments on the situation in Ferguson.

“I was willing to give Eric Holder a do-over after his initial stumbling out of the gate, throwing law enforcement officers under the bus in the days following the tragic shooting of Mike Brown by a Ferguson police officer. But he comes out again yesterday and he doubled down. And then I became disgusted,” Clarke said.

Clarke said that Holder’s remarks have been irresponsible and said he seems to be abandoning his duty to be impartial.

“He claims he wants justice for all, but apparently he doesn’t want justice for police officers,” Clarke said.

“Race is an explosive issue in this country. It has been for a long time. I don’t know if it’s going to get better, but it was improving, there’s just no doubt about that […] but that wound has been opened again, and some of it is because of the divisive politics that the White House has been playing,” he said.

Clarke went on to say the riots and protests in Ferguson stem from people’s frustration with the lack of jobs and opportunities, having to send their kids to failing public schools, entrenched poverty and crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Clarke won re-election in November despite a massive amount of money spent against him by former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and County Executive Chris Abele in  the Democrat primary.

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    • Jesse

      Why isn’t some special prosecutor charging the Gang of Four for inciting riots and MURDER because there have been people killed in these riots.? They started the fire ,they should be held accountable.

  1. Navymum

    Sheriff David Clarke should run for mayor of Milwaukee or perhaps governor after Scott Walker becomes president. Clarke is way underemployed. Wisconsin is putting our some excellent leaders these days. I hope Sheriff Clarke will realize his potential. The African-American community could use a real leader who really cares about the people rather than his power.


    Sheriff Clarke is a very GOOD example of what all citizens should emulate. When he was running for reelection his own party, DEMOCRATS attacked him for standing up for second amendment rights. When he told the people he serves that they should all BEAR ARMS to protect themselves because POLICE could not always make it to a scene in time he was attacked by his own. The man is just that, a good man. Telling truths thats all he’s doing.




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