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The City of Milwaukee reported a drop of 17% in homicides from 2013 to 2014. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on the decrease.

Preliminary data shows that 87 people were victims of homicide this year, down about 17% from 2013. Since 2005, homicides dipped from 155 victims to a low of 71 in 2008 before gradually rising to 105 last year.

The 2014 data could fluctuate because several death investigations are continuing. The Milwaukee Police Department follows the FBI’s national crime reporting standards, which use the date of an individual’s death in crime statistics and do not include homicides ruled self-defense. In 2014, seven additional homicides were deemed justifiable self-defense.

As with Chicago, Milwaukee saw an increase in the number of shootings in 2014.

It’s also the highest number of nonfatal shooting victims since 2006 when the commission first began tracking that information. In 2006, 621 people were wounded, including at least 15 children age 13 or younger.

Although the homicide rate dropped, 2014 saw the tragic deaths of three children.  Sierra Guyton, 10-years old, was shot while on the playground. Layla Petersen, 5-years old, was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather’s lap. The latest victim, Bill Thao, 13-months old, was killed when gunshots were fired into his home. Twelve other children, age 13 or younger, were hit by gunfire but survived.

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