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Milwaukee, WI- Tuesday, Sylvester Lewis was convicted of killing Sierra Guyton. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the jury was only out for 20 minutes.

It took a jury just 20 minutes to find a 19-year-old Milwaukee man guilty of reckless homicide Wednesday in the shooting death of Sierra Guyton, the 10-year-old girl caught in a cross-fire at the Clarke Street Elementary School playground in May.

A prosecutor had argued that Sylvester Akeem Lewis acted in “utter disregard for human life” when he engaged in gunfire in the proximity of up to 50 children on the playground.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Williams said a total of 16 shots were fired, including eight by someone shooting back at Lewis.

Guyton, 10 years old, was caught in the crossfire of a gun fight in May 2014. She was wounded and taken to the hospital. She died weeks later from the injuries.

Lewis was arrested and charged within a week of the incident.

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