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With protest actions around the country over officer related homicides, Milwaukee aldermen are echoing the calls from politicians around the country to put body cameras on police officers, in this case, responding to the death of Dontre Hamilton, who was shot 14 times by a former Milwaukee Officer, Christopher Manney.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Wade and four Milwaukee aldermen on Tuesday announced a series of Police Department reforms in response to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s decision not to charge a former police officer in the fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton at Red Arrow Park.

Among the reforms they are seeking:

■Creation of a community advisory council to advise the Police Department on strategies for maintaining community-police relations. Coggs and Perez this month introduced a resolution to establish the council.

■Review diversity training provided to officers and possibly seek a new contractor to provide the training.

■Expand the Fire and Police Commission that governs the department from seven to nine members so that it is more inclusive of the community.

■Equip each police officer with a body camera to record interactions with the public. The police department’s 2015 budget approved by the council includes $100,000 to buy 50 body cameras and data storage.

■Creation of an early warning system to monitor individual officers for indicators of violent or aggressive tendencies. This system would use complaints against officers and performance reviews “to identify officers who may pose a threat to the public and provide those officers with the retraining and counseling they need.”

What is interesting, is that the calls for body cameras all seem to be coming from elected officials, and their allies like Al Sharpton who tow the line, that more government involvement is the answer to solving society’s problems.

Sure, it is being marketed as a program that will keep eyes on police activity, however, if you think about it for a minute, in the ever growing surveillance state that we find ourselves in, which way would police body cameras actually be pointing?

If the police are wearing the cameras, they aren’t pointed at the police. They are pointed at the you.

So for a cool $236 million, as President Obama has proposed, there can be millions more cameras on the streets, no longer in fixed positions on building, but mobile on the streets, that belong to the government recording everything you are doing.

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