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Tory Lowe, a community grassroots activist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has released a new rap video titled “No Justice No Peace.”

Lowe’s YouTube channel “Family Friends MKE” says the video is “about many of the families in Milwaukee who are still looking for Justice after their loved one who died in police custody.”

In the video, Lowe calls out Milwaukee police and features District Attorney John Chisholm (more commonly known for his criminal pursuit of political activists in the ongoing “John Doe Probe”),  for injustices against residents of Milwaukee’s black community.

RebelPundit previously reported:

There were 41 officer-related deaths in the state of Wisconsin between 2008 and 2013. 14 of those deaths occurred in Milwaukee, under the watch of Chisholm, who was elected to office in 2007. Chisholm says there hasn’t been enough evidence (from the police’s internal investigations) to support charges in any of those cases.

One of those cases Chisholm failed to file charges in was the death of Derek Williams, a robbery suspect who died while unable to breathe in the back of a squad car. A video showed Williams gasping for air and pleading for help as the officers on the scene accused Williams of “just playing games.” After ten minutes of the officers failing to render assistance, Williams was dead. (Graphic Video of Williams death)

Lowe will also appear in RebelPundit’s upcoming coverage from Milwaukee: In the Shadows of Chicago.

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  1. HappyG

    Nationwide violence that results in a martial law decree our military may have to accept as valid has been the end game of those who created the p o s in our Oval Office from Day One…


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