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The case of Tenesha Anderson, a mentally ill woman, who was killed by Cleveland cops (previously reported by RebelPundit), has been ruled a homicide. The Inquisitr reports the decision came down from the Medical Examiner’s office.

Police killed Tanisha Anderson, a mentally ill African-american woman, while she was in custody on November 13. The medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide.

The medical examiner’s office said Anderson’s death was “sudden death associated with physical restraint in a prone position.” Her bipolar disorder and past heart disease were contributing factors, according to the report.

Anderson’s family called police for help after they were unable to calm her. While taking her for a psychological examination, the cops took down Anderson and pinned her to the ground while handcuffing her. She went limp and became unresponsive.

The officers involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave. No information has been released on if they will face murder charges.

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  1. True News USA

    All deaths caused by the hands or use of force from another are always classified as homicides. It has no bearing on whether the homicide was legally justified or a criminal act.

    Medical examiners only determine manner of death. The criminal justice system determines if it was a crime or not.

    Mikey Michaels


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