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On April 1, Filmmaker Andrew Marcus was on the scene for the Chicago Teachers Union strike march in downtown Chicago.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU Local1) declared a one day strike and walked off the job on April 1st 2016.

While every major print/TV/web outlet was on hand to document the protests, NONE of them reported on the blatant display of revolutionary Communism and Socialism.

For all their talk of “potential violence” of Tea Party and Trump supporters, the media were all too eager to sweep Chicago’s growing movement of revolutionary Marxists under the rug.

*Language Warning*

Read more at GatewayPundit.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe Toy

    After all, this was Chicago. The drive-by media doesn’t care about reporting anything negative about The Windy City. Really should be The Blowing Hot Air City.

  2. GeorgeKocamn

    Certainly, the local media, that is, the Democrat Press, has suppressed such information for many years, going back as far as I became aware of politics, at least. The Chicago area desperately needs an alternative press, a viable competitor to the Trib and the Sun-Times. Where are the rich Republicans? Both papers are in bankrupcy. Why haven’t Conservatives bought one of them out? Why have the been in bankrupcy for so long? They keep losing money, yet, they stay in business. How does that work? Who is bailing them out?


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