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On Wednesday, conservative community activist, and former congressional candidate Paul McKinley crashed Senator Dick Durbin’s press conference outside of a Chicago Walgreens store. As reported by Progressives Today, despite admitting to possessing the footage of the event, all five major media outlets in Chicago have refused to publish any footage of McKinley heckling Durbin during the presser.

Durbin recently led an effort to force Walgreens to keep its business in the United States and was at the Walgreens location to talk to the press about the issue, when McKinley rolled up in an SUV pumping music in the middle of Durbin’s remarks.

Despite the media outlets present with camera crews ignoring the story, the Chicago Sun-Times did see the relevance of a black Chicago activist unhappy with Dick Durbin.

From the Sun-Times:

The Illinois’ Democrat’s news conference took a bizarre turn when a former Republican congressional candidate drove an SUV into the frame of TV cameras and proceeded to heckle the state’s senior senator.

Durbin had just started to address reporters in the parking lot of a South Loop Walgreens, praising the pharmacy chain for deciding to stay put in the U.S.

Then the thump of hip-hop in the distance grew louder and former 2nd Congressional District candidate Paul McKinley rolled to a stop behind Durbin.

After turning down the blasting music, McKinley taunted Durbin from the drivers’ seat.

“Are you going to help the black community? You ain’t been helping us,”McKinley said. “You know who I am, Mr. Durbin. You ain’t never helped the black community … You going to send 18,000 people to jail this year in the black community.”

McKinley told RebelPundit, “this wasn’t a planned stunt, I was out running errands and I noticed the whole press conference going down.”

“Tricky Dick Durbin is a staunch supporter of illegal-alien amnesty,” McKinley said. “The young people who are fleeing the violence of narco-terrorism in their country, are coming to Chicago where the narco-terrorists have their headquarters, thanks to the city being a safe sanctuary for illegal-alien drug cartels. Why is it that Senator Durbin can stand up for those children fleeing narco-terrorism, but not see how the children of Chicago are suffering as a result of local narco-terrorism.”

McKinley says he against amnesty for illegal aliens in any form and that “we need to fix our problems at home.”

McKinley also told RebelPundit that he is planning on having “boo section,” directed at any politicians marching at Saturday’s Bud Billiken Parade that support amnesty for illegal alien children. The Bud Billiken Parade is the country’s largest African-American parade. RebelPundit will be bringing you coverage from the event.

Here is a screenshot from Progressives Today that shows all of the cameras present at the event, still no coverage of McKinley slamming the Senator has been released by local media.



Andrew Marcus of Progressives Today asks why the media won’t cover McKinley’s harsh criticism of Durbin:

Is it because Paul McKinley is black and almost all of the reporters and news producers/editors are white?”

We encourage our readers to contact ABC Chicago, NBC Chicago, Fox Chicago, WGN Chicago and CBS Chicago to demand t

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  1. HappyG

    McKinley’s right…the dems claim to champion the Black Communities but are intent on foisting inner city Black males into perpetual 50%+ unemployment by insisting that 30 million illegal invaders be added to our work pool…I’ve been asking for a few years now on The Hill and other internet sites, yet not one democrat can explain why they demand it be done…The term ‘Black Leader’ is clearly a misnomer…

  2. Caitlin Eleanor Field

    why didn’t he focus on the issue of the press conference — Walgreens feeling like they have to move overseas in order to remain profitable (the suffocating tax codes in the state of Illinois and the U.S. in general)?


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