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Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and her allies prove once again that the Democrats idea of the First Amendment is shouting down conservatives voices, especially black conservatives. I’ve learned that if you stand with those black conservatives, watch out because you might just get smacked by an out of control Democrat. I was and I have the video to prove it.

On Monday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the Black Conservatives Fund held a press conference to show a new video that exposed Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins telling a crowd of black Democrats: “If you early voted, go vote again tomorrow. One more’s not going to hurt and tomorrow we’re going to re-elect Earl Taylor as D.A., so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice!”

Apparently Senator Mary Landrieu and the Democrat establishment didn’t want people to see that video. After twenty years as Senator, Landrieu is locked in a runoff election fight for her political life and voting is just days ways.

That explains why the Democrats went to such great lengths to try to disrupt, discredit and derail the Black Conservatives Fund press conference on Monday.

The BCF’s presser was announced last Friday, after they released another undercover video when Landrieu’s Chief of Staff Don Cravins, Jr. was caught on video saying that Landrieu has voted with Obama “97% of the time”: a controversial statement since Landrieu has been trying to separate herself from the unpopular President.

As soon as the Black Conservatives Fund released the video “97%” video last Friday, the Democrats knew they had trouble on their hands. That’s because the “97%” statement by Landrieu’s Chief of Staff Don Cravins, Jr was made at the same event in November where his father Mayor Don Cravins, Sr. made his “vote again” comments, with Cravins, Jr. standing about three feet away.


Landrieu’s first move to nip the story in the bud was to announce a press conference across town at the exact same time as the Black Conservatives Fund’s Monday presser. Divide the press and conquer. Nothing to see here.

Not only did Landrieu hold a counter-press conference to try and stop the Black Conservatives, but the Democrats sent a group of protestors to try and shout down the conference on Monday.

Here’s where I come in. The undercover video was shot by a Louisiana local, but I did some work on the final video presentations for the Black Conservative Fund. I flew down to Baton Rouge last Friday and I was at Monday’s press conference.

After the event, I went outside to talk to the loud, chanting protestors. The real action starts about a minute into this video, where the Democrat operative hits my camera while I ask questions of a young woman who was the protest handler.

Watch for the camera smack at 1:05.

You’ll also note that aside from hitting (and breaking) my phone, the Democrat operative is very annoying. She acts shocked I’m not from Louisiana which is ironic since she’s from Michigan. She plays the leftist politically correct victim card and falsely accuses me of “intimidating” a woman, saying that I’m a “large man.” Since I’m on the low side of 5’8” and as the video shows clearly was completely polite in my questions, it’s liberal victim card playing that borders on false criminal accusations. When I suggest she call the police, she changes the subject.

She acts faux-fended when I casually refer to the protestors as “you guys” and then “people.” She accuses me of working with conservative video activist James O’Keefe and then when I say I like James but haven’t worked with him, she demands to know why I haven’t worked with him: a truly bizarre question, if you think about it.

And when I call the Democrat organizer out on the racism of trying to discredit black political activists for having any sort of criminal record, she sputters.

This is how leftists argue. This is how they react to serious accusations like voter fraud. And since the public is starting to see through it, this is why Mary Landrieu is going to lose her Senate seat in a few days.

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  1. George Kocan

    Democrats cannot win without censorship. In the good old days, they succeeded in suppressing conservative analysis in various subtle ways. Today, they do it openly. The mainstream press, which one would expect to show some vigilance about the First Amendment, says nothing and suppresses information on its own end. So, what do conservatives do? They complain. They have been complaining ever since I can remember. But, what they have failed to do is jump into the arena of journalism and compete for the attentions of the public. I do not mean publishing a small circulation magazine with PhD writers. I mean a general circulation newspaper such as the Sun-Times or the Tribune.

    • InRussetShadows

      You may not heard of the Washington Times, but it has been around a while. Also, there was the Sun which ran for a few years ago in NYC. However, mass-market newspapers aren’t very profitable these days, so I wonder if your advice is meant to be helpful.

    • Stacie

      Pardon me, but I’m a southern republican who would give my eye teeth to have BILL Clinton back in office as opposed to Obama. Hilary is nothing like her husband. She’s as grimey as grimey Grimes. Bill Clinton was a good president. The days of moderate democrats is over.

  2. John Petruna

    Around 4:10 you say “I’ve never worked with” James O’Keefe and she replies “Why wouldn’t you…” which is some slippery shit right there. You didn’t say you wouldn’t, but rather that you hadn’t.

    She’s a snake. I wish I knew her twitter handle so I could taste her delicious tears on Saturday.

  3. Deborah

    They were not allowing you your rights to ask a question. Who do they think they are kidding? Playing such stupid games …I’m a woman you can’t talk to me, walk away (What?). I wish they’d stop the stupid games. I’m glad you recorded the conversation. What B.S.

  4. ann

    I’m so upset, as to our america. We have got to stand as one. We have a civilized freedom and we stand for doing rightn. WE Are not better than anyone. We provide the doorway to exceptionalism . Obumma and party is not acknowledging . We must not allow his agenda. We must NOT vote democrate .

  5. Mike

    This video was a microcosm of the Democrat Party. It was very interesting to observe how the protesters engaged the reporter saying they were exercising their First Amendment rights and their handler moved in ordering them not to speak. They actually obeyed their handler as if they agreed they were too stupid to speak or think for themselves. Those kids holding up those signs, looked like tools being used by people who don’t believe in anyone’s First Amendment rights. Not even that of their own sign holding disrupters. Hmmm, which part of the Democrat coalition gets treated like this?

  6. Nancy

    She is an idiot and so are the protestors.

    They need to get out of my state and quit supporting these sorry democrats who have kept Louisiana down for so long. I know that the Republicans are not much better but no one is as bad as Mary

  7. Darlene

    A LAWLESS PRESIDENT encourage others to be lawless just like him by example.

    There are many ramifications of a lawless president. In a 12 hour period – 2 senators hav been arrested, both DemoRats. Sen. Jamilah Nasheed had a gun on her and refused to take a Breathalyzer test in Ferguson and Democrat Terrence P. Bean has been indicted for sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy with his boyfriend in a hotel room. These 2 DemoRats should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY. >>>Selective Prosecution is NOT welcomed in this country.<<>>Selective Prosecution is NOT welcomed in this country.<<<
    Wakey Wakey Americans
    New Jersey Police Officer Tells Local Resident If Obama Doesn't Follow The Constitution, We Don't Have To New Jersey Cop: If Obama doesn't Follow Constitution, we don't either.

  8. Richard Rivette

    I really believe that if you push a person, touch their camera equipment you should expect to be flattened. For someone so concerned about being interviewed or spoken with, and talking about intimidation she sure did a lot of pushing and corralling of the interviewer. Democrats, be aware, not everyone will be polite when you scream in their face or push them. Some might just beat the living tar out of you. Word of advice. You aren’t the only ones with rights. Start respecting others or face consequences.


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