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Democrats say voter fraud is a myth, despite plenty of evidence indicates otherwise.

The defeat of Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu in this past Saturday’s runoff election also felt like a victory over voter fraud for many in the Bayou State. Landrieu came to power eighteen years ago in 1996 by a margin of only about 5,000 voters in an election that was rife with allegations of voter fraud.

In an exclusive interview for RebelPundit, I spoke to longtime Louisiana State Rep. Woody Jenkins-the man that Landrieu narrowly defeated in that 1996 election- at the Saturday night victory party for Senator-Elect Bill Cassidy.

Jenkins gives details on the voter fraud he believes helped Landrieu take the Senate in 1996. He says he presented “an eighteen wheeler full of documentation” that he believes included information about twenty different types of voter fraud that he says resulted in 35,000 fraudulent votes.

Jenkins says much of the voting corruption came from the gaming industry and through corrupt commissioners. These charges are echoed in a Readers Digest article from 1997:

The bankrupt Harrah’s Jazz casino, for example, borrowed $1 million from its parent company, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., of Memphis, Tenn., and hired hundreds of election workers. Jenkins backers say they interviewed some of these workers who claimed to have handed out literature that endorsed Senate candidate Landrieu. Harrah’s denies that anyone handed out literature mentioning any candidate while working for the casino.

In New Orleans, campaign finance records reveal, precinct poll commissioner-in-charge Mary Deloch received $800 from Bally’s Casino in September for “canvassing/ballot.” Bally’s and Deloch say that the money was for her community organization to hand out leaflets in support of the gambling issues before the election. In all, at least five poll commissioners were paid to work for gambling firms during the campaign. According to state filings, Yvonne Atkins, for instance, earned $120 from Harrah’s for being a “supervisor” on Election Day while simultaneously being paid by the state. It is illegal for a poll commissioner to be paid for other work on Election Day. Harrah’s says they were unaware that Atkins was a poll commissioner. Atkins refused to comment to Reader’s Digest.

The commissioners were corrupt: according to Jenkins, they were often related. The votes from New Orleans would come in late because commissioners were trying to “fill in the blanks” on votes that weren’t complete.

Watch this interview to hear the story from Jenkins himself.

The Senate investigation Jenkins refers to became contentious and partisan. The Democrats claimed that there was no voter fraud and the FBI refused cooperation as the investigation dragged on. Eventually, the Democrats used parliamentary games to grind it to a halt. As the Senate history website says:

When the Senate reconvened after Labor Day, the Democrats decided to press for an earlier conclusion. They took advantage of a Senate rule that allows a single senator to prevent a committee from meeting for more than two hours after the Senate convenes or after 2 p.m., and selectively objected to the holding of particular committee hearings. Majority Leader Trent Lott countered by adjourning the Senate for two hours one afternoon to allow an important committee hearing to take place, keeping the Senate in session later that evening to compensate for the lost time. On September 23, as the chairman still failed to set a definite date to conclude the investigation, Democrats blocked most committee meetings.

The committee therefore concluded that “the evidence collected to date does not meet the applicable burden to justify further consideration of the amended petition by the Committee, or by the Senate, and the Committee terminates its investigation of the 1996 election for U.S. Senator from Louisiana and directs the Chairman to so inform the Senate.”

And so Mary Landrieu would go on to serve three terms and end up casting the deciding vote for Obamacare.

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  1. Deb

    Glad she’s gone …she hurt not only Louisiana , but the entire country with her corruption.

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