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Recently we posted a video of a man at The Chicago Tax Day Tea Party. Like so many on the left who always want to be seen and heard, until someone sees or hears them, the man was apparently displeased that we posted the video. He had his daughter make threats against us, in order to get us to remove the video from the internet. At the time we received the threatening letter on Friday, the video was pretty much dead on YouTube, with about 1000 views, getting about 75 views a day. We posted our response to the threat Monday morning, that we were not going to cave into threatening tactics. The video has now seen a new life and we have been able to help get this protester’s message out to nearly 5000 viewers! Thats about 4000 views in 24 hours.

Here is link to the video.

Be careful when you crash a Tea Party Rally. There could be a swarm of us.

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