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If New Trier Township, Illinois, Republican voters thought they were going to be able to sleep through the primary election tomorrow (or play 9 holes of golf), today’s news will change everything. New Trier Republican Committeeman Bill Cadigan, who was appointed to fill Tolbert Chisum’s position, was peremptorily fired today by the chairman of the Cook County Republican Party, Sig Vaznelis.

No specific reason was given in the letter that was delivered to the township office this morning, but Cadigan has strongly supported Dan Patlak in the GOP primary for commissioner of the Board of (Tax) Review.

Cook County GOP Chairman Sig Vaznelis

Sig Vaznelis is connected to Elizabeth Doody Gorman, the south-side Orland Park committeeman who joined in the vicious negative campaign against Patlak. Patlak’s opponent in the race, Sean Morrison, lied in advertising about his background and about his ability to lower property taxes across the board. See more from Illinois Review on the connections between Sig Vaznelis, Sean Morrison, and behind-the-scenes “maneuvering”:

In a move that is raising eyebrows, the new Cook County Republican Chairman Sig Vaznelis has appointed Sean Morrison the Palos Township Republican Committeeman. What makes this appointment interesting is the fact that Morrison is also running for Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review against incumbent Republican Dan Patlak, who is publicly questioning Morrison’s GOP credentials.

It’s all about the corrupt Chicago Combine that wants to consolidate power by ousting any conservative candidate who does not “pay to play.” And it’s about trying to get hold of North Shore funding of the New Trier Republican Organization. Beware writing any checks to NTRO before this issue is resolved.

Read more about the targeted conservative candidate Dan Patlak here.

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