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By now you may have heard of the popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” even if you’re not a viewer. The show, set in a women’s prison, has taken the t.v. nation by storm and is especially popular for its portrayal of lesbian life and love.

TMZ released a video of an actress from the series, Lea DeLaria (Big Boo on the show), shouting down a street preacher who had the nerve to be proselytizing on a NYC subway. Although in the video it is unclear if the preacher addressed anything towards DeLaria or said anything grossly offensive it is clear that the lesbian actress/activist was unimpressed and agitated. She aggressively stalks him while shouting “You don’t have the right! You don’t have the right!”

But just who doesn’t have the right? What right, exactly?

Time and time again I have heard representatives of the LGBT community compare their fight for “gay marriage” to the struggles of Black Americans to be seen as human beings from slavery to the Jim Crow era. This comparison comes nearly exclusively from White LGBT activists (surprise, surprise), even though there are many, many minorities in the LGBT community.

While I am an independent voter who whole-heartedly supports the right of anyone to live how they feel comfortable and call themselves whatever they wish, I have a real problem with gay activists gleefully seizing upon the comparison between gay rights and Black freedom while being selectively tolerant of our culture.

You cannot avail yourself of the epic struggles of a historically oppressed group while at the same time belittling said group’s cultural perspective. It’s ignorant. Dare I say…intolerant.

“But Kira, I don’t tolerate intolerance!”

Then you don’t know what the word “tolerance” means. It’s not tolerance if you only extend it to those you agree with. That’s just…agreeing! Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “tolerance” as “sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own.” So if you can’t tolerate the intolerable than you are not tolerant. You’re just cranky.

DeLaria’s tirade didn’t reveal why she found the street preacher so offensive but it’s not a stretch to believe she finds Christian faith offensive in general. Indeed, her string of complaints read like a talking points memo from GLAAD. She even invoked mixed fibers and pork edicts from the Old Testament, a common defense against Christians pointing to scriptural laws on homosexuality. She shouted repeatedly, “You have no right!” without the tiniest hint of irony, considering she was wearing a shirt that said “Bad Jew”. Perhaps I’m being too sensitvie but it seems plausible someone might find that t-shirt extremely offensive and intolerant.

It’s not just DeLaria. During the whole Chic-Fil-A hubbub two summers ago, a woman filmed a Black man being harassed and intimidated by gay activists as he read his Bible aloud at a “kiss-in” to protest the stores. I might not have chosen to do the same thing as he did but it’s clear he’s within his right to protest as he sees fit, just as it is in theirs.

Here’s what I really want to say to people like DeLaria and other angry gay activists (and to be clear, there are many activists who are not angry and even very gracious). You don’t get to pick and choose which parts of our history in the Black community you will adopt as your own.

The struggle for civil rights is intimately connected to our Biblical beliefs and our faith. The Christian faith is very important in the Black community and we are proud of that. You are not the first to shout us down as we read the words of our God aloud and exercise our first amendment rights. Ironically, you join a long list of oppressors and anti-Black Americans who have belittled, beaten and marginalized us because we are different and because we cling to our faith tightly and fiercely.

If you wish to be tolerated, even respected, then you must learn to show the same. It is not necessary for you to abide by our faith in order to get along in this country. Just as it is not necessary for us to abide by your beliefs. It’s genuinely disturbing to see a group that has cried for equal rights for so long so very mired in racism.

If you don’t like what the Bible says, or how and where someone reads it out loud then do what offended people have been doing since time immemorial and KEEP IT MOVING.

Ms. DeLaria and others like her, need to know the struggles of our community are not for sale, and not to be used for political expediency or to make a point. They are cultural, and when you shout down our faith you shout down our culture. This takes you completely out of the realm of “tolerance” and lands you squarely in the territory of “jackass.”

By the way, Ms. Big Boo…the subway preacher had as much right to shout into the wind as you did to shout at him for shouting into the wind. Maybe next time you need to switch trains.

Here is the video from TMZ:

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  1. Jeff

    I can never understand why the LGBT community equates their rights with Black’s civil rights. Why don’t more Black leaders stand up against this comparison? Personally I don’t define myself with my sexual practices; they are practices (i.e. behavior = choice).

  2. George Kocan

    Well done, Kira! On the other hand, the homosexuals’ comparison of their cause to that of the civli rights movement is not so far-fetched. The modern Democrat Party argues the same way. Remember, that the Dem party was the party of slavery, plantations and Jim Crow. So, its rejection of the moral law is nothing new. It has, however, become much more sophisticated. The homosexual ideology has simply and thoroughly rejected the moral law, as has the Dem party. They recognize no moral authority except their own. They can do anything they want. That means that they can demand tolerance for their own immoral choices and refuse tolerance to those who disagree. They can do that because logic and consistency have no hold on their consciences. That is what rejecting the moral law means. They are free to believe ‘A’ and ‘Not A’ and the same time. They are free to lie, because facts hold no moral authority either. As Frederick Nietsche pointed out more than a century ago (the man who proclaimed “God is dead”}for the modern man nothing matters except Will. Recall, that Hitler, the German national socialist and community organizer, commissioned a famous propaganda film entitled, “Triumph of the Will.”

  3. SirRuncibleSpoon

    Nicely put! Well reasoned! Thank you. I’m reminded of my thoughts after walking through the Holocaust Museum in DC. The exhibits major aim was to demonstrate the process by which a minority of Germans stripped a nation of intelligent, educated, and devout people of its humanity.

    German Jews had to be trained on how to accept victimization; German Gentiles had to be trained to accept their roles as racist bullies. The Museum shows how this double-training was methodically carried out over time. By the time the first trains rolled into the first Death Camp, the process seemed right, natural and expedient by the German Gentiles and inevitable, unavoidable and unchangeable by the cramped occupants of the crowded railcars.

    Seen as an event detached from the flow of escalating crises, this or that individual indignity could be administered and received as a moment’s deserved satisfaction or a moment to be endured and then forgotten. But the flow of organized crises and indignities pressed both groups into their horrific roles.

    So it is with the Homosexual Agenda, indeed, the Left’s General Agenda. A policy to be argued over here, a change to be accepted or an indignity to be endured for the sake of getting on with life there . . . . pretty soon, BigBoo and her friends have us either on railcars or helping direct traffic.

    I think these people have plans, Kira Davis. They feel way too comfortable, too bold and too sure not to have me worried . . . at last.

    • SirRuncibleSpoon

      Oops . . . . please insert an apostrophe in the first paragraph’s 21st word, ‘exhibits’. I provide one here ( ‘ ) for your convenience. Mea culpa. Mea inna too bigga hurry.



    Good stuff from you all, the truth shall set us all FREE ! Keep the knowledge flowing and thank you’ll. God Bless you’ll and may God not forsake our great nation.

    Best Regards,

  5. gbrecke

    Division is a powerful tool, but it never fails to fail.
    We need focus on freedom, not on what ‘we’ have no right to say, do, or think.

  6. Kid

    If it wasn’t for Bayard Rustin you wouldn’t be able to tom for these fools. He was Dr. King’s assistant. Communist, and Gay.


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