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Lech Walesa, the former president of Poland, unveiled a statue of Ronald Reagan today. Walesa was a freedom fighter in the war against communism and was a recipient of the Liberty Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Walesa also previously made the news after reversing his decision to support the Occupy Wall Street movement after being informed of its radical-left-wing roots by Rebel Pundit and other media in the United States. European media had painted a much different picture of the movement–a depiction which had, at first, led Walesa to lend his support.

“There would not be a free Poland without Ronald Reagan….” -Walesa

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

photo – PAP/Andrzej Hrechorowicz

From The News:

The former Solidarity leader said that “as a participant in these events,” it was “inconceivable” that such changes would have come about without the last American president during the post-1945 cold-war era.

Walesa added that thirty years ago, it seemed that the fall of the communist system would not be possible without a nuclear war.

The bronze statue of Reagan has been installed not far from the American Embassy, on Ujazdowskie Avenue, one of the capital’s most picturesque thoroughfares.

The News has more….

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  1. Brandt Hardin

    Reagan has a legacy so distorted by the Conservative idolization of him that we may never have a clear picture of the real man behind the television set beyond the elaborate myth now concocted around him. Did he really rid the world of commie scum? Did destroy or save our economy? Check out my portrait of The Gipper in commemoration of the Reagan Centennial and help me figure it out on my artist’s blog at


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