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The FBI released their annual Uniform Crime Report for 2013. In the document, they include the number homicides committed by cops that have been ruled justifiable. The 461 killed in 2013 is the highest in two decades. USA Today reported the number is increasing.

The new 2013 total of justifiable killings represents the third consecutive increase in the annual toll. Criminal justice analysts said the inherent limitations of the database — the killings are self-reported by law enforcement, and not all police agencies participate in the annual counts — continue to frustrate efforts to identify the universe of lethal force incidents involving police.


A criminologist with the University of South Carolina said reporting should be mandatory.

University of South Carolina criminologist Geoff Alpert, who has long studied police use of deadly force, said the latest number of justifiable homicides, while increasing, still likely represents a significant under-counting.

He said most major agencies have strongly supported close tracking of deadly force incidents. But he said the majority of police agencies in the country are small — with fewer than 50 officers — and their reporting practices involving such cases are not always uniform.

“Unfortunately, I think there has to be a government mandate for this kind of reporting that ties the responsibility to the communities’ eligibility to receive federal funds.” Alpert said. “It has to happen, because it has gotten to be an embarrassment.”

Since 2010, there have been seven police departments in the United States that have come under federal review due to police shootings.

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  1. Jesse

    Let’s look at another statistic. How many police have been shot during the same period ? Marie do you think this is why there are more Police shootings also ?

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