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Joseph Watkins, one of the four Chicago activists who spoke out in RebelPundit’s latest viral video went on C-SPAN Friday morning to go deeper into the “black issues” that the media never talks about.

The interview picks up around the 4:28 mark in the video.

Here is part of the transcript from C-SPAN:

Peter Slen: Mr Watkins, what made you participate in this video?

Joe Watkins: We’re sick and tired of broken promises. We’re sick and tired of participating in an electoral process that doesn’t work for us. Often times our voices have been muffled, we don’t get a chance to voice our opinion. We’re not at the table. All the decisions are being made against us or for us. We don’t have an opinion. So, we welcomed the opportunity to share our views.

PS: What’s your background?

JW: VOTE is the acronym for Voices of the Ex-Offender. We were founded in 2001 to combat youth violence and to find jobs for men and women getting out of prison. And we started out protesting construction sites. Actually, union construction sites because our backgrounds, you are allowed to work in the construction industry, since everything else is closed out to us.

We chose to seek employment opportunities in the construction field but Chicago has a history of the machine politics and the liberalism that they are pro-union and not pro-african American employment. So, we struggled with fighting these unions coming into our community so then we started focusing our change toward politicians. So we discovered that our politicians, especially the black ones, had an alliance with the unions and the unions were paying their funding or helping them during their election campaigns.

So, every time it came up for their charter to be renewed, our black African American legislators would support them. We just found it to be ironic. We couldn’t understand that on one hand you’re telling us you support us and you care about us, but you’re doing everything against us. So that was the basis of our organization’s foundations.

PS: Is the video we just saw, is it Chicago-centric or is it something that you feel could be carried to a nation-wide audience?

JW: Well, it should be carried to a nation-wide audience because this is the suffering of black African americans throughout the United States. We don’t have a voice in electoral politics…

… I would think that Republicans should have the foresight to open up more to bring African Americans into their forefront instead of trying to marginalize us, stigmatize us which is what the Democrats are doing…

… I think Republicans, this should be an opportunity for Republicans to do more to reach out to us…

… the plan for transformation is tearing down public housing and replacing it with rehabbed or newly developed housing.

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  1. Cathy

    Do these men know of Dr. Ben Carson? Ben Carson does not believe in parties and is neither republican nor democrat, but leans more toward conservative thinking.

    • Linda Nitzschke

      We have to plan for the future…how will we address our next President…will it be President Ben Carson….or President Dr. Ben Carson?!?

    • Marique

      )! The sad part is that we all know he is not even a US citizen (listen to the video when the activist speaking states “I knew him when he ‘became’ a citizen’)… mouth dropped because what I knew in my spirit was confirmed…Only a citizen can hold the office of President and wouldn’t it be a shame if a non-naturally born citizen gave our country away to special interests groups and Mexico?? Food for thought or ammo? Who knows. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

    • Pete Boettcher

      Everything that government touches they destroy; housing, school system, healthcare, welfare, etc. etc. And the answer is always more money and more power for government. What do we do as a country, we keep putting these gangsters into office. All this reminds me of a line in an old movie called Network that sums this up perfectly; “THIS IS MASS MADNESS YOU MANIACS!” Peter Finch as Howrd Bealle lecturing the audience about becoming pop culture morons by absorbing the crap peddled on tv.

  2. Linda Nitzschke

    Hey, V.O.T.E. members….you sound like Tea Party material !! Join us and let’s get Dr. Ben Carson elected our next President! Your video is very exciting, and I hope Americans of all races will see it, but esp. those who make up the Black Community! Hang in there, guys…let’s get this thing turned around and working for all Americans again….we can do better than what we’ve had to witness to this point !!

  3. Anthony

    To my fellow Americans, I stand with my Black brothers and sisters. There are things going on in our country that are not right.

    Barack Obama is working with Qatar. Doing things to America that are not right. He is redistributing our economy and our jobs to the Middle East and any place else he can to hurt America and Americans. He has opened the door to Qatar to own our corporations, universities, think tanks and jobs. Barack Obama is a product and loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood–not America or Americans. Stand with other Americans, Shoulder to Shoulder to stop the selling of America.

    Obama has let Qatar into Boeing, Lochkeed Martin, Raytheon, Georgetown, Northwestern, Harvard Law, Cornell, Texas A&M, Brookings…every lobbyist in Washington DC is paid by Qatar…every Dem politician and McCain and Graham.

    Obama is bring on Amnesty to take your vote away and give it to nonAmericans–along with your job.

    Affirmative Action was to be exclusively for our Black brothers and sisters to help them get a leg up because of the history of America–Not to everyone and anyone who walks in the door or breaks in the door of our country…It is disgusting that everyone is being paid for the legacy of discrimination of black Americans in,

    Amnesty will hurt no one more than Black Americans. Obama is out to destroy America…and he does not care what he does to Black men, women and children in the process.
    Are you aware that TARP went to All Foreign Banks..not American Banks? Obama had to be sued to get that information. Why when America’s economy was collapsing would he take our money, our tax dollars…and send it overseas to every bank but our own?? It is because Obama hates America and Americans.

    We built this county. This is our country. Problems big and small can be overcome if we Americans stand, shoulder to shoulder, to save our country, to save our economy, to save our constitution that spells out our freedoms and our laws. Obama is selling us out to the highest bidder.
    E Pluribus Unum…From Many ONE…We are the AMERICAN FAMILY…of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

    • Karen

      I agree that Obama has actively set out to destroy this country. What really puzzles me is how he has gotten Harry Reid, Pelosi, and others to turn such a blind eye to what has been so obvious from the beginning. What power do they have to gain from helping to push all that is good about this country over the edge to destruction?

      • Anthony

        Qatar has deep pickets..richest country in the world yet they have only 287,000 citizens and several million slaves.

        They own and are the Muslim Brotherhood…Qatar funds ISIS, Qatar funds Hamas, Qatar funds AlQaeda, Qatar has bought our universities, Georgetown, Northwestern, Harvard, Texas A&M, …Qatar has bought our corporations Boeing, Lochkeed Martin, Bloomberg, Raytheon and Brookings…who build in Doha instead of a America…this can be stopped….Stop the Muslim Brotherhood…Stop Qatar Now

    • GG

      …Better push for impeachment and let it be known to the entire nation that the impetus is coming STRAIGHT from the black community! Obama is the WORST thing that could have happened to America and blacks are hurt by each and every policy he’s put forth!

      • Marique

        There is no top-level KKK person that could have done more damage to the Black community than this President has done (and there has been a lot of damage done by previous Presidents)! The sad part is that we all know he is not even a US citizen (listen to the video when the activist speaking states “I knew him when he ‘became’ a citizen’)… mouth dropped because what I knew in my spirit was confirmed…Only a citizen can hold the office of President and wouldn’t it be a shame if a non-naturally born citizen gave our country away to special interests groups and Mexico?? Food for thought or ammo? Who knows. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

    • Marique

      (Copied and Pasted – Senator Sessions addressing the nation)
      “The President is assuming for himself the sole and absolute power to decide who can enter, work, live, and claim benefits in the United States. He has exempted virtually every group in the world from America’s immigration laws: people who enter before a certain age, people related to people who enter before a certain age, adults traveling with minors, minors traveling with adults, illegal immigrants who are not convicted of serious crimes, illegal workers who are convicted of serious crimes but not enough serious crimes, almost anyone who shows up the border and demands asylum, the millions who overstay their visas, and, as was recently exposed, illegal immigrants with serious criminal histories. The list continues to grow.”

  4. Jack Armstrong

    From the heart. I hope and pray at least one of these guys runs for public office. These guys speak the truth and fear not. If I were under fire – I would like one these men next to me.

  5. Barry

    I can’t express how happy I am to have come across this material. Thanks to the Drudgereport. I am sorry it has taken this long and these lengths for your cause to get noticed. However, I do hope that you can assist the conservatives int his country to help make a grand change this coming Tuesday and see where the new leadership can take ALL of us. As you’ve stated, we know where the current leadership has taken us.

  6. DR

    Well spoken! Your honesty is so refreshing to hear. People need to hear this and open their eyes to the truth. It’s time for a change that works! Thank you for all you do!

  7. GG

    Being a black conservative, among a sea of black democrats, is a difficult position to occupy, but these gentlemen give me hope for the future…and it’s good to know that I don’t stand alone, after all!

    • sm

      Finally! I have been wondering what it will take for African Americans to see the truth about the Democratic party. Their words is music to my ears. I feel hopeful for our country for the first time in a long time. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Joe and the rest of the guys!!!

  8. whynot

    It will be a great day when black AMERICANS free themselves from democrat slavery and break the chains of dependency. Then they will truly be free at last.

  9. Marilyn

    absolutely amazing. what I, as a white female republican, have believed for so long and
    wondered how to reach the african-american community with this knowledge. joe, you are
    amazing. I intend to forward this to the emails I have for the Republican leadership.
    do you have any way to reach them yourselves ? you really need to get this message out to
    potential leaders so your voice can be heard. this is what white republicans want. democrats
    would have your people believe that we hate you … NOT TRUE !! the dems want to stay in power
    and that is how and why that false message started.
    you are so right about how they have continuously made promises to your community while in
    reality have crippled your chances for success and independence. we all need for your community
    to succeed and to do that, the message from your political leaders has to change to one offering
    honest opportunity instead of the lies they have told you for so long. please stay strong and get
    this message out to some key reporters, radio and tv stations and politicians. you are on the
    right track and have such a powerful message.

  10. Michael Lofton

    It is also true that the same or a similar scenario can be said for Black Atlanta, Black Los Angeles, Black Compton, Black Detroit, Black Baltimore, Black New Orleans, etc., etc., as this concerns past and present day pseudo Black elected leaders, treasonous Black lawyers, a dysfunctional Black middleclass, and largely uninformed Black electorate who promote the deceitful, the disgraceful, the unethical, the despotic, the treasonous, and/or truly un-American individuals to be leaders, etc., etc. In essence the political process in most any jurisdiction where large numbers of Black voters vote amounts to a popularity contest between the worst individuals, while individuals truly worthy of praise and support are kicked to the curb and beyond.

    “Supreme Court rejects damages for innocent man who spent 14 years on death row” In a 5-4 ruling, justices overturn a jury verdict awarding $14 million to John Thompson, who had sued then-New Orleans Dist. Atty. Harry Connick Sr. because prosecutors hid a blood test that would have proved his innocence in a murder case.” By David G. Savage, Washington Bureau, March 30, 2011, Los Angeles Times

    Just proves that the Republican Party has its sellout treasonous Blacks too, namely Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who is a Republican in name only.

    CNN i-Report: “Constitutional Protections are Very Important. Unfortunately more so than not, Black Leaders, Lawyers and the Black community itself are not Competent at Holding Anyone Accountable to the Oath of Office, the U.S. Constitution, etc.”

    CNN I-Report: “Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency”

    Concerning a Dysfunctional and Treasonous Black Leadership and Typical Black Middleclass, You nailed it with the truths that you have presented, Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward.

    CNN i-Report: “Makia Smith you definitely have more sense than many Black elected officials, black lawyers, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, many Black police officers, and misguided Black nationalists! ”

    YouTube: “Thank You for Serving the Oppressed so-Called Vexatious Litigant, Honorably Discharged U.S. Vet” by mll1127, April 3, 2014

    CNN i-Report: “Black Elected Leaders are Unethical, Inept, Sleazy, and Despotic”

    (Audio Only: August 16, 2013, recorded audio testimony of Councilman Tom LaBonge, Michael Lofton, and Council President Herb Wesson, Time Frame: [03:29:40 to 03:31:42])

    I was also present and a witness to, the lies being told by LA City Council President 10th District Councilman Herb Wesson, this being the basis for the defamation claim in BC548833. Unlike elected officials, judges, and other public servants who under false pretenses, use “vexatious litigant” as an out, the little gal or guy, who/whom are proven guilty and liable for a criminal act, or civil tort violation, don’t have the option to declare the victim a “vexatious litigant” to avoid being held accountable for fines, jail time, restitution to the victim, etc.

    • jack

      Michael: it is obvious you know your stuff. Keep swinging, keep talking, stay informed. The country needs to hear from people like you – who give facts – not just opinions.

      • Michael Lofton

        Jack it is sure good to know that individuals like you exist as well.

        The primary group that should be paying attention is in fact the Black community, so that he or she will be better informed and less likely to promote unethical and criminal individuals into a position of influence.

        Unlike Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward who are admitted convicted felons, I’m a long time taxpaying inner-city resident who has a clean record, no criminal history, and I’m also a 2005 Pepperdine University graduate. This is not to talk against the work and realities being expressed by Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward, for being felons, because some inner-city Black men, women, and children who have served or are serving jail time or who have lost freedoms, have been falsely accused and wrongfully convicted. This is yet another reality to where Black civil lawyers, Black elected leaders, and/or other individuals in positions of influence have failed.

        CNN i-Report: “The Black Underclass are at Odds with the Black Middleclass!”

        There is no Black “innocence project” to hold agents and officials of government accountable for these serious atrocities. Few if any elected Black leaders or lawyers step up to the plate to use the U.S. Constitution, a respective State Constitution, the “rule of law”, and/or his or her “Oath of Office” to serve U.S. born Black men, women, and children falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, defamed, etc., etc., by disgraceful elected officials (Councilman Herb Wesson being one of several) unethical City prosecutors, rogue police officers, and/or other disgraceful public servants.

        If not for the competency of the “Innocence Project” which is financed and controlled by Caucasian/Jewish lawyers, many innocent Black men and women cleared through the benevolence of the competent lawyers of the “Innocence Project ” of criminal wrongdoing by DNA and other evidence, would still be rotting in prison/jail if left up to the blanketing every case as being “race card playing/racial profiling” of a two left shoes “Chicago Cut Throat” President Barack “Illegal Alien Bootlicking” Obama, no good U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Justice Clarence Thomas, the Congressional Black Caucus….AKA….the Congressional Black Clueless, the NAACP..AKA….the National Association for the Advancement of Black Caucasians (Thank you for this label Rush Limbaugh because it truly fits the NAACP), Congresswoman Maxine “Kerosene” Waters, 2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark “Little Napoleon” Ridley Thomas, Reverend Al “Charlatan” Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr., other charlatan Black elected leaders and no good jackleg sacrilegious Black preachers, and poverty pimps.

  11. Michael Lofton

    “Compton: Corruption, Incompetence, or Just Business As Usual?” March 27, 2013

    This is a story that many people in Compton would probably prefer you don’t see. It’s about how the Compton city government works — or doesn’t work.

    “SoCal Connected” spent three months looking at Compton, a city that has been plagued by street politics and accusations of scandal. We found questionable expenditures, big loans that haven’t been paid back, and council members making up to $1,500 an hour. Reporter Laurel Erickson has our exclusive investigation.


    Laurel Erickson: No one says the folks in Compton live on Easy Street. It’s one of the poorest places in L.A. County. They’ve even talked about bankruptcy. But it may also be a place for easy money.

    Lucrative contracts, unpaid loans, money for meetings that last just minutes. It’s all part of our three-month investigation into Compton City Hall.

    Erickson to Council Member Willie O. Jones: You’re getting $7,800 a year and the city is just 10 square miles.

    Erickson to Council Member Lillie Dodson: How much time do you spend on those commissions?

    Erickson to City Manager Harold Duffey: What happened? Did he get his loan forgiven?

    After reviewing hundreds of Compton City Council meetings and minutes going back to 2009, we had a lot of questions, and it was difficult to get answers, as you’ll soon see.

    Erickson on the phone: I’m trying to find out how much money the city council members make. How much do they get for a meeting, do you know that? The budget says seventy-seven nine nine six. I think it’s for the council members. Are you saying that’s for the mayor?
    We eventually determined that each council member makes about $55,000 for that part-time position. We also learned most of that money – 73 percent – comes from sitting on commissions that may meet as little as three minutes!………………….

    ……….Erickson: But what really puzzled us was this small note in a hundred-page financial document. It appears to say developer Danny Bakewell owed Compton $3.1 million, but that debt was forgiven and the city expected to receive just $327,000. What happened? It was all part of a “Mutual Release of Claims and Settlement Agreement” between Compton and Bakewell.

    Bakewell is prominent in the African-American civil rights community, and over the years, he’s also received millions of dollars in contracts and loans from Compton for redevelopment projects. He is also a major contributor to Compton city council members, having given thousands of dollars to their campaigns. As for that agreement dealing with Bakewell’s debts, we tried for two months to get it.

    Erickson on the phone: Can you tell me what the name of the document is that I would look for? The city clerk says somebody else has it, and you say the city clerk has it. I’m just trying to understand, did he pay back that loan? But where do I get these documents? That’s the whole thing, it’s so hard.

    Stern: This contract was for $3 million. So this something that should be at the top of the radar for everybody. The contract should be available. People just understand what’s going on here.

    Erickson on the phone: Wait a second. This is getting confusing.

    At one point we were told by a city employee the contract was lost.

    Stern: Maybe they can’t find the records, but somebody was involved with it. The city attorney, the city treasurer, city council — somebody should be able to tell you what this was all about.

    Erickson: We tried last week at City Hall.

    Erickson to Jones: But I’m trying to find out if this loan was forgiven or not.

    Jones: I could not tell you the details of the loan.

    Erickson to Perrodin: We’ve been trying to get somebody to explain this to us. Can you explain it?

    Perrodin: I would have to refer you to the city attorney.

    Erickson: We also tried the head of the redevelopment agency Dr. Kofi Boakye. It was his agency that agreed to the plan.

    Boakye: Why don’t you read what is there and then draw a conclusion from it, because if it’s there, you should be able to read it.

    Erickson: Next, the city clerk, Alita Godwin.

    Erickson: What is going on with Compton? I don’t understand it.

    Godwin: Well, as it relates to this, this is not in my field as the clerk. So anything that relates to this you’d probably have to get an answer from the city manager.

    Duffey: Well, this is a pretty big deal.

    Erickson: And we did. Harold Duffey is city manager. And after our appearance at City Hall, he provided the document.

    This is the settlement agreement from 2006. In it, Compton says Bakewell’s company owed the city money, citing outstanding balances on the “initial purchase price” of a land deal and on a separate “development loan.” It also says Bakewell used the development loan money to pay back real estate taxes and renovations.

    Erickson: The city made concessions. It agreed to wipe away liens and clean the titles on Bakewell’s properties. It also agreed to environmental cleanup demands. And in exchange, Bakewell agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle his debts over 35 years.

    City Manager Harold Duffey said he didn’t even know about the deal until we brought it up. He told us Bakewell hasn’t made any payments on the $3.5 million debt since it was done seven years ago.

    Erickson: Danny Bakewell wasn’t available for comment, but his attorney, the man who wrote this agreement, says Bakewell hasn’t paid back the $3.5 million because the City of Compton hasn’t completed the paperwork to close the deal. He says he hasn’t even heard from Compton.
    Stern: The overall question is, “Who’s watching, who is paying attention to what is going on here?” With newspapers being cut back and TV stations not that interested, the officials think they can get away with this.

    Erickson: Well maybe. Bur there’s an election in Compton in two weeks, with several seats up for grabs. Three-term mayor Eric Perrodin hopes he’ll get reelected based on his motto of the city, “Birthing a New Compton.” But that slogan may be falling flat, at least for this resident.

    Unidentified man: If this was the new birth that they was talking about, oh man! We need an abortion right now!”


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