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Marathon Pundit reports that Jesse Jackson, Jr., has been located at a treatment facility in Arizona. The Congressman (D-IL) is apparently being treated for mood disorder. Marathon Pundit writes:

Junior will have quite a bit of explaining to do when he gets out. Not only in regards to the timing of these revelations, but also as to why his office issued press releases with quotes from the congressman as well as the Tweets made under his name after his treatment began.

Oh, and just how did Jackson vote “No” on the ObamaCare repeal earlier today when he is in Arizona?

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC reports:

Jackson has been missing since June 10 leading to growing calls for him to disclose his whereabouts, including most recently from Rep. Luis Gutierrez and Senator Dick Durbin.

*UPDATE: Marathon Pundit reports that his office has stated Jackson is being treated for a “Mood Disorder.”

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