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This video has been circulating around the Internet over that past week. It appears to be a situation of implied excessive police force against a simple harmless form of protest. However you can see Madea Benjamin (Co-Founder) of Code Pink appear in the video, and intentionally agitate the police officers on the scene.

The claim that this is somehow a violation of these individuals’ rights is a perversion of the First Amendment. The First Amendment does not grant the freedom to individuals to act like morons anywhere they wish at any time they please. The First Amendment says, the Congress has no authority to make laws regarding the freedom of speech, and the right of the people to peaceable assemble for a redress of grievances.

While there are examples of excessive police force in the United States of America, this simply is not one of them. The police in this video were doing their job. They clearly warned the people to stop what they were doing, in a memorial due only the highest respect of the citizens and guests of this nation who wish to visit it. It is highly doubtful Thomas Jefferson would have ever danced alongside these fools in order to prove a necessity for the freedom from the federal government to protest.

This event was staged to create the perception that these police were doing something unconstitutional by enforcing a law recently upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals which includes dancing as a prohibited activity inside the monument, along with protesting, and other methods of drawing attention to oneself. It is not an example of a police state when people act out of control with the intent to get arrested and cause a scene while blatantly resisting arrest.

The only rights violated in this video, were those of the individuals trying to view and enjoy the monument in peace and quiet. The Jefferson Memorial is a place due the highest respect and admiration at all times. Code Pink, Madea Benjamin, and Adam Kokesh should be ashamed of themselves for disgracefully disrespecting such a sacred memorial to one of our country’s great founding fathers.

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    • rebelpundit

      Even though his hands were up, you can see his body was ridged as a board resisting arrest and the police had to wrestle him down to subdue him.

      • Keith

        Agreed. He had his hands up but was resisting the authorities trying to put them behind his back, like he was asked. He also kept walking away. He provoked the ‘slam’ and knew he would. Just as anybody would who didn’t put their hands behind their backs and tried walking away.

  1. Mark Adams

    The law is the law. If Code Pink doesn’t like it, let’m take it up with their elected officials, not “law enforcement”… What a bunch of tools!

  2. Rob

    “the law is the law” Go tell that to Rosa Parks. These individuals are standing up to what they feel is a bad law and they did so by breaking it.

    “freedom to individuals to act like morons anywhere they wish at any time they please” They only did so to prove a point. If dancing wasn’t illegal at the memorial they would have never went. Now they are going back with 2,000 plus individuals and gained national attention.

    • rebelpundit

      I would be impressed if they were spending their time and energy fighting more important battles, like against laws that infringe individual property rights, rather than the right to act like a moron at a sacred national site.

      • mrhanke01

        Dancing silently is disrespectful? Ha. The cops caused more of a scene than the dancers ever would have. They weren’t bothering anyone or disrespecting anyones right to enjoy the memorial. Its a stupid law, and thats that. Adam Kokesh is a man who protests against more than not being able to dance at a monument, and it would be a good idea to give him better credit than this bs.

        ‎”If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”-Thomas Jefferson

      • rebelpundit

        Interesting… I’m wondering if you have read the court case?

      • Timothy Hammons

        Hi Rebel,
        Great post and comments. I hate to admit it, but there is just some part of me that delights in those who keep the law, keeping the law against those who are clearly there to break that law and bring about disobedience. If they are truly going to be some sort of noble martyrs in bringing about change, they should have accepted the consequences of being arrested instead of screaming like a bunch of elementary school kids when they got caught in a transgression.

        BTW, I am interest in the court case… which one and is it posted on line.

  3. Exador

    They were there in response to the arrest of a woman who was dancing there to celebrate Jeff’s birthday (not in protest of anything). The earlier arrest was stupid. I can’t stand Code Pink, but at the same time, it’s really stupid that you can be arrested for quietly moving around. Yes, for Code Pink, the cops were just doing their jobs. It’s still a stupid law.


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