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At the opening day of the new film documentary Obama’s American 2016 crowds were very small at first but as the day progressed the numbers increased. Despite many attendants fear to be interviewed, some did agree to talk about what they thought of the film. out of fear.

Most viewers were moderately familiar with the Presidents background  prior to seeing the film but were surprised at the amount of new information about Obamas’ roots that Dinesh D’Souza uncovered in his research.

The first major reaction came from when they learned about Obama’s mothers’ hatred for her own husband’s (Obama’s stepfather) success in a capitalist free market. She went so far as to ship off her son to her parents in Hawaii in order to prevent more exposure to any influence by his stepfather. The second major reaction came when the film revealed Obama’s dream of transforming America into a nuclear free zone. His goal, to reduce the number of nuclear warheads in the US from 5000 down to 300 while the rest of the world maintains their current number of warheads in the thousands, was particularly troubling to the audience.

The viewers who agreed to be interviewed, accepted Dinesh’s final conclusion that Obama is an Anti-Colonialist. Many strongly expressed their fear and anxiety of the president receiving a second term in office. The final consensus was that every American should see this film.

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