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Despite state Senator Anazette Collins objections to working for free, Illinois lawmakers agreed to pay cuts and reauthorize this years $31 billion construction spending budget. Illinois Statehouse News reports:

SPRINGFIELD — After weeks of consternation about a summer session, Illinois lawmakers took less than three hours to ensure that work will continue on Illinois massive statewide construction plan.

The General Assembly reauthorized this year’s portion of the state’s $31 billion construction package and cut their pay. Neither move was a surprise.

Democrats conceded in their attempt to add $430 million in new spending for human services and education, to agree on the spending bill.

These projects are “something that everybody across the state was concerned with,” said State Sen. John Sullivan, D-Rushville. “But we got that job done.”

“All these jobs could have gone by the wayside,” State Sen. Mike Jacobs, D-East Moline. “And I’m pleased that my Republican friends didn’t just vote no, but voted yes.”

“That is a jobs bill. We are going to keep people on the job. We are going to see our construction projects and our capital projects move forward. Unbelievably important. Happy to come back down here for that,” said State Sen. Pam Althoff, R-Crystal Lake.

The legislators also voted to cut their own pay by a whopping .044% despite opposition from some state Senators. Anazete Collins, D-Chicago, argued that she shouldn’t have to do her job for free. Click here to listen.

“I could do it for free if I was rich, but I’m not. And I have mouths to feed. I have myself to take care of,” said State Sen. Anazette Collins, D-Chicago. “And I’m not going to pretend that I am rich and that I can do it for free.”

Collins and state Sens. Kimberly Lightford, D-Maywood, and Mattie Hunter, D-Chicago, joined state Sen. Tom Johnson, R-Naperville in voting against the pay cuts, that save about $500,000. Illinois lawmakers earn almost $68,000 a year, the cuts would reduce that by $3000 next year.

Read more here: Lawmakers keep summer road work on track, cut own pay | Illinois Statehouse News.

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