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A Trustee at a Chicago area junior college referenced the Holocaust in her defense of tens of millions in dubious expenditures from the college slush fund.

At a special Trustee meeting for the College of DuPage on November 20, 2014, Trustee Dianne McGuire invokes the Holocaust reference quoting Martin Niemoller, “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Nimoller is, according to historians, recorded as saying this on several occasions, the earliest recorded being in 1946, and he said it to criticize the apathy of the German people in the run up to World War II.

McGuire has been under fire for months as a series of articles written by Adam Andrzejewski of Open the Books have highlighted a series of expenditures approved by the Board of Trustees at COD.

His articles have been featured in Fortune Magazine and Huffington Post, and he was a source for an investigative piece done by Jake Griffin of the Daily Herald.

An article in the Washington Times based on Andrzejewski’s reporting, awarded COD the dubious “Golden Hammer Award” while referring to $95 million misspent funds.

“The second-largest college in Illinois has been rocked by a financial scandal caused by shady bookkeeping and a litany of questionable purchases, including a pricey shooting club membership for the school’s president, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in alcohol purchases accounted for in the books as an ‘instructional supply.’

“The College of DuPage managed to hide more than $95 million in expenditures on more than 82,600 transactions since 2009 thanks to a peculiar type of accounting that allowed for thousands of purchases to be lumped together into one line item, according to data uncovered by American Transparency’s, an online portal aggregating 1.3 billion lines of federal, state and local spending.”

Though Andrzejeweski has worked with a variety of media including the conservative Washington Times and the liberal Huffington Post on this and other stories, McGuire followed her Holocaust reference by referring to him and others who have pointed out her faulty expenditures as right-wing extremists.

“My statement tonight is directed at the myriad of extremists, right-wing ideologues, and groups attempting to discredit this stellar institution, its administration and selected leaders.”

Joe Moore, the Vice President for Marketing and Communications at COD, also attempted to take a swipe at Andrzejewski with this statement.

“I would have to defer to the trustee in question to comment on her remarks. Please know Adam Andrzejewski issued a release at a recent Board meeting claiming the College created false account numbers in order to hide payments. This, of course, did not happen, as was explained in great detail at a subsequent meeting and admitted to at that time by Mr. Andrzejewski. As an unbiased journalist, I’m sure you can appreciate the frustration misleading attacks like that can cause.  There have (sic) not been ‘millions of misspent spending.’    The ‘articles in Forbes and Huffington Post are actually blog postings by Adam Andrzejewski, not published stories by journalists.”

McGuire didn’t respond to an email to her personal email account.

Andrzejewski fired back at Moore’s statement by saying that Moore’s statement was confusing and obfuscating the issue.

“The Daily Herald didn’t find the 40 minute presentation by the college accountants credible and after reading my statement and listening to my public comment. I wasn’t at the board meeting – was on an airplane flying back from filming Stossel- but I came right to the board meeting to register public comment, the Daily Herald never even published a story.  It was a college manufactured hit piece. The only ‘print’ coverage it ever received was because COD ran the story to try and hit me with it.”

Andrzejewski also said that rather than a blogger he is a contributor at both Fortune Magazine and at Huffington Post and all articles published at both media outlets went through an editorial process. He noted that his group continues to investigate the misuse of funds at the college.


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  1. Diane

    What a disgrace this is. If the college is not guilty of this, why don’t they just open their books and provide a detailed look to the public of every single dollar spent? That seems like an easy solution to me.

  2. George Kocan

    The German National Socialist Party (aka the NAZI’s) first came after the socialists? We’re supposed to worry about that? What is the COD but a vast apparatus of fascist/socialist/communist propaganda? The place is physically growing by leaps and bounds and the leadership is complaining that they do not have enough students. Ya think? I say defund the entire campus, shut it down.


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