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Police in Gary, Indiana have a suspected serial killer in custody. What started as a homicide investigation ended with the killer, Darren D. Vann, leading them to the bodies of six more women. The Chicago Sun Times reported the events after Vann was arrested and confessed.

Darren D. Vann led Gary police on a bloody scavenger hunt this weekend.

He pointed them to bodies of his alleged victims scattered in basements and empty, run-down buildings all over northwest Indiana’s Steel City, authorities said.

To the body of Anith Jones, 35, of Merrillville. And Teaira Batey, 28, of Gary. And others whose identities are still unknown.

Police believe Vann used an online prostitution service to lure women to Hammond and Gary — typically to empty buildings — before killing them.

And they said he’s enjoyed showing off his handiwork.

The investigation started when a 19-year old woman, Afrika Hardy, was found dead in a motel room. Surveillance tape caught a man running from the room and getting into a van. Police were able to obtain the license plate number and tracked it to Vann’s sister. After Vann was arrested, he confessed to murdering Hardy and offered to lead them to other bodies. Vann said his crimes go as far back as 20 years. Police haven’t determined if there are more victims.

A source in Gary, Indiana told Rebelpundit he believes Vann will be tied to at least 14 murders.

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