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After the recent piece here on Rebel Pundit detailing his longstanding connections to anti-Israel activists, Grover Norquist sent the following letter to board members of the National Rifle Association. Below is my response.

NRA February 2015

Dear Fellow Board members of the NRA,

One of the “benefits” of achieving some success in fighting for liberty in the city of Washington D.C. is that some people come to believe you can do anything.

Sadly this includes some sad individuals who convince themselves that you are responsible for their personal failings.

I have such a stalker whose conspiracy theory is that I ran the Bush White House and presidency.  And that I used my superpowers to one single end. To keep him (Frank Gaffney) from being employed in the Bush Defense Department and from being recognized as this generation’s Winston Churchill.

In the past he attributed his failures to Brent Scowcroft, the Bush NSC director.  Now me.

Now he spins conspiracy theories that I am gay, a Muslim, responsible for the Bush foreign policy failures. (For the record, No. No. and No.) One of his staffers told me I was part of the Russian Jewish Mafia. (Also no, but I think that would pay better.)

I understand that one of the followers of my stalker sent out an e-mail to the board of the NRA.

I know that this nonsense would not confuse you about my real work in life, but I certainly wish to make it easy for you to deal with anyone who might be confused by this nonsense.

Several thoughts.   The stalker has been pushing this line for 15 years now.  Every major newspaper and magazine was approached and found his thesis beneath contempt. Most didn’t dignify it with an article.

The Washington Jewish Week did a two part series debunking the conspiracy theories.

The Bush White House had a one sentence response: “There is no there there.”

The fellow pushing this met for hours with former NRA board member and lawyer Cleta Mitchell. Having examined his entire spiel, she has been public in denouncing it as dishonest nonsense.

The Weyrich meeting, a weekly conservative group expelled Mr. Gaffney from their meeting because of his attacks on me and others.

The American Conservative Union board of directors condemned his efforts as dishonest.

Years ago this fellow unloaded his conspiracy theory on our fellow board member David Keene. David was not impressed.

If you or anyone you know have any concerns or questions please contact me directly at gnorquist@atr.orgor 202-785-0266 work.

This has risen to a new level as one of Gaffney’s folks has sent out my wife and daughters pictures on twitter etc. There have over the years been death threats from hopefully harmless idiots who follow Gaffney. The authorities have followed up on ones that pass their threshold of specificity.

My goal is to respond to any real concern any real person has without exciting the crazies. They feed on attention as it makes them think they are not nuts.

This has been going on for fifteen years now and will continue until Mr Gaffney decides someone else is responsible for his life challenges. Then General Scowcroft and I can pass on the “honor” of this attention.


Grover Glenn Norquist

Powerful Republican lobbyist Grover Norquist has written a letter to National Rife Association board members attacking those who have raised legitimate, grounded concerns about the Islamic Institute group he cofounded in 1998. Mr. Norquist is currently running to retain his position on the NRA Board of Directors, by the way.

Grover Norquist’s dishonest response comes on the heels of my recent article exposing never before revealed evidence that Mr. Norquist’s connections to Palestinian, anti-Israel activists go back to 1980s; much further than ever reported before.

Although he doesn’t mention me by name, it’s clear he’s referring to me at several points in his letter.

I’d like to respond to Mr. Norquist’s letter and ask the board and membership of the National Rife Association an important question myself.

The fact that Grover Norquist is the cofounder of a group called the Islamic Free Market Institute (usually referred to as the Islamic Institute) is beyond question. It’s not in dispute but of course, Norquist doesn’t mention this anywhere in his letter to the NRA board member.

While this connection was previously reported on, I dug up something that had not been known about Grover Norquist: his link to man named Majed Tomeh who has been married to Norquist’s sister Loraine for decades and who was a co-founder of Norquist’s Islamic Institute.

Earlier this month, I released the article based on that research. It was extensively documented with ample links to primary source material.

There’s no doubt that Harvard educated Grover Norquist is clever. His response to the NRA shows an almost Clintonian level of skill in deflection.

Rather than address a single, solitary fact in my work, his letter uses a classic misdirection technique: the straw man fallacy. He brings up a number of points that I have never once made about him and then proceeds to refute the points that he himself made. In his letter, Norquist says refers to “conspiracy theories that I am gay, a Muslim, responsible for the Bush foreign policy failures. (For the record, No. No. and No.)”

For the record, I’ve never said nor do I believe that Grover Norquist is a gay Muslim who was responsible for some unnamed Bush foreign policy failure. I have no personal animus towards Mr. Norquist. I deal in facts…facts that Mr. Norquist is loathe to even bring up to the National Rife Association since he can’t refute them.

Norquist closes his letter by asking the NRA board to get in touch with him privately and ask him any questions they may have. I believe in tranparency, so allow me to ask Mr. Norquist some questions publicly. I’ll make it easy and even supply the answers complete with links that you check yourself if you doubt any of the facts.

1) Were you, Grover Norquist, the cofounder a group called the Islamic Institute in 1998? (Yes.)

2) Were the other cofounders of the Islamic Institute Kahled Saffuri and Norquist sister’s husband Majed Tomeh? (Yes and Yes.)

3) Is your brother-in-law Majed Tomeh a board member of the Islamic Institute? (Yes.)

4) Have you, Mr. Norquist, ever talked about your brother-in-law, the Palestinian activist Majed Tomeh and his connection as cofounder and board member of the Islamic Institute? (No, not anywhere I’ve been able to find.)

5) Was your Islamic Institute founded with financial help from a man named Abdurahman al-Amoudi? (Yes.)

6) Was Abdurahman al-Amoudi sentenced in 2004 to a 23 year prison sentence in what the U.S. attorney called “a clear victory in the war against terrorism?” (Yes.)

Those few facts alone should be enough to give people pause. It’s a fact: Grover Norquist cofounded a group called the Islamic Institute that was funded by a convicted terror funder. Norquist used his power to help bring his Islamic Institute associates into the Republican Party inner circle. Full stop. That happened.

If a prominent Democrat had these clear, direct connections and had used their influence to bring them into the seat of American power, any even moderately rational, patriotic American might have a few questions about it. It’s worth nothing that when legitimate questions were raised about longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Grover Norquist defended Ms. Abedin and attacked Michele Bachmann.

I’ll close with a question for the voting membership of the National Rifle Association: the decent, patriotic, grassroots men and women that decide whether Grover Norquist will be on the NRA board.

In the light of everything going on the world today—from the ISIS beheading & burnings to the anti-free speech, anti-Semitic murder sprees in Copenhagen and Paris to the Democrat Party’s open hostility to Israel— wouldn’t you like some real answers from Grover Norquist on his longstanding, non-conspiratorial, completely verified professional & personal associations with anti-Israel Palestinian activists and a convicted terror funder?

In short, Mr. Norquist: if you want NRA votes in the current election to put you back on the board of directors, stop deflecting and start answering questions.

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    I personally will not renew my membership with the NRA until they get this INFILTRATOR completely out of the NRA, and while I’m at it the NRA must sever all ties to any and all progressives. I.e my STATE SENATOR, JOHN CORNYN , and others such as SEN. MITCH McCONNELL must go. The NRA has lost its way since the inception back in 1871. WAKE UP AMERICA!!



    • Erin Hatch

      I’m from Texas too and I’m glad to see that you are on to Cornyn. Can anyone name one significant piece of legislation this guy has gotten passed in his years in the Senate?
      All I see him do is stand behind McConnell ready to wipe the drool from the old fool’s chin.


        LOL !! You’re correct about the Old Fool. I’ll be doing what I can to get rid of Cornyn on this upcoming election cycle. He’s nothing but a fraud as is my House Rep (R) BRADY, they both have to go. Ted Cruz is the answer. WAKE UP AMERICA !!
        H-TOWN KID

  2. Zachary caulkett

    I am currently in a payment plan to become a life member to the nra and have been a member for a couple years now BUT i can not continue my membership if grover norquist becomes a board member its bad enough our government is heading down a road of lawlessness and to think the nra is going the same direction i will not support that

  3. Laurence

    I just upgraded life membership to endowment to patron and when I can to benefactor. Why? Because I want to support the NRA combat these commie gun grabbers. Through membership we can change for the better a good group supporting our 2nd amendment rights. Are there bad members, probably, but so what. Quit whining and jump in and help.

  4. rex thurlkill

    I have never thought Norguist had the American peoples interest at heart .. His main interest seems to further the interest of Grover Norquist ! He certainly does nor need a spot on the board of the NRA. ,, Frankly I’m surprised the nra would even consider him. Sincerely,, Rex Thurlkill

    • JESSE

      Grover is an operative for the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. He lead George W. to believe that by reaching out to the enemy (muslim brotherhood) that it would change the thinking about wanting to destroy us, but it was foolish thinking on W’s end. Grover infiltrated all of the government, all the way to the white house. He now is doing what he can from the inside to destroy our second amendment rights or he is doing something to make it easy for the enemy (muslim brotherhood) a foot in the door to the NRA. BETTER WAKE UP AMERICA !
      H-TOWN KID


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