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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reappointed a Judge to a tenured position despite receiving as many as two hundred complaints primarily from women alleging he has a history of gender bias and favoritism to abusers.

Governor Chris Christie recently reappointed Judge Paul Escandon of Monmouth County to a tenured position on the bench, meaning short of being convicted of a crime Judge Escandon will remain on the bench until his retirement age.

Judge Escandon currently presides over tenant/landlord disputes but has gained significant notoriety as a judge handling divorces.

Governor Christie has been aware of Judge Escandon for at least four years said one Escandon’s chief critics, Rachel Alintoff, to Rebel Pundit.

Alintoff confronted Governor Christie at a town hall event in 2012.

Shortly after the town hall event, Alintoff was one of ten women featured in a New York Post story which alleged an anti-woman bias on Judge Escandon’s part.

Alintoff said she lost custody of her 2-year-old, Hayden, in Escandon’s court last year — without a required legal hearing, she claims — after her husband, Wall Streeter Bryan Alintoff, claimed she was a “flight risk.”

An Appellate Court summarily reversed Escandon’s ruling in November, returning Hayden to his mom.

“Now, in an attempt for vengeance, Judge Escandon has put my son and I . . . [in] poverty by only granting us $12,000 a year while my husband made over $500,000 last year as a commodities trader,” she wrote.

Alintoff’s case was not even the most explosive featured in the New York Post story.

Patricia Piscotti told the New York Post that Judge Escandon gave her ex-husband, Nicholas Pisciotti, even though her ex-husband was a capo in the Bonnano family.

Judge Escandon gave the mobster sole custody even though he had confessed to murder.

“I have made some mistakes,” Judge Escandon said to members of the New Jersey State Senate Judiciary Committee at his hearing for reappointment. “There have been highs and lows. If given the opportunity to continue as judge, I will try to do better.”

Judge Escandon told members of the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee on May 23, 2016, that he gave the mobster sole custody because his ex-wife had violated his order not to move to another county.

State Senator Gerald Cardinale then exclaimed, “This guy was not a store owner. He was not a banker. He was not a plumber. He was a capo in organized crime who admitted murdering someone!”

Rebel Pundit reached out to Judge Escandon’s chambers which directed all questions to Winnie Comfort, Director of Communications for the New Jersey Court System, who declined comment directing inquiries to Governor Christie’s office.

An email to Brian Murray, press secretary for Governor Christie, was left unreturned.

Alintoff said that after her confrontation with Governor Christie he put her in touch with Jean Ashmore who was then head of constituent services.

“Judge Escandon has been involved in my case for approximately 2 years.  He left my children and myself in a home for which my husband had all utilities in his name and paid.  The prior Judge ordered my husband to maintain the utilities in our home but he did not.” According to one email sent to Ashmore from Aimee Diolia.

“When Judge Escandon took over, he ordered all utilities be put in my name and to be maintained by me.  My husband had not paid even arrearages and Judge Escandon did not ask for proof of payment in writing from my husband leaving me with outstanding bills alot of which had accrued while my husband was living in the home and apparently just not paying and not telling me.  Due to the fact that I was unable to maintain such high utility payments and pay the arrearages, my children (including my disabled son who suffers from Aspbergers syndrome, ADHD, cyclic bipolar and PDD) and I were forced out of the home.”

Ashmore has left Christie’s administration after being implicated in Bridgegate.

Alintoff said in the ensuing months roughly two hundred women sent complaints to Ashmore and Judge Escandon was moved out of family court and in his current role.

Furthermore, Governor Christie has used Alintoff’s story to rail against “activist judges.”

“Christie used the interaction with Alintoff to rail against activist Judges.  He noted that there are only two ways to get a Judge off the bench; to not reappoint or confirm them or to impeach them.  Christie said he could not recall a New Jersey Judge ever being impeached,” according to a recent local story.

Alintoff said she feels much of Governor Christie’s concerns were largely for show and she filed a civil Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act lawsuit which included Governor Christie as a named defendant.

“Christie is well aware of the Judge Escandon scandal where a large group of women are petitioning to have Escandon impeached, which corroborates hundreds of allegations and assertion from women in Monmouth County New Jersey that Judge Paul Escandon is engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity to oppress women.   The Governor consistently misleads his constituents and gives them false hope. Individuals have stood up at town hall meetings stating their grievances to him.  He claims he will act, then doesn‘t.  He‘s been dubbed The Governor of Divorcegate.”

Christie is also a named defendant in another civil RICO suit, one out of neighboring Bergen County, which also alleges systemic bias against females in that county.

Many of the women victimized by Judge Escandon have written to the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee, where Escandon’s reappointment will be deliberated, imploring them not to vote to reappoint him.

“On behalf of the scores of parents, children and individuals who have suffered irreparable harm in Monmouth County Court I implore you to vote NO to the reappointment of Judge Paul X. Escandon,” Patricia Pisciotti said to the committee in an email she shared with Rebel Pundit.

“Under Judge Escandon, I was ordered to live in a house I could not afford. He then took away my financial support, setting me up to default on my mortgage. When I was finally forced to sell the home due to unrelenting, harassing litigation, by my wealthy ex-husband, I moved instate to find work. Escandon then transferred custody to a two-time violent felon who refused the Federal Witness Protection, after being released from prison just two years prior (See attached articles). I had raised the children since birth, and custody was transferred, “temporarily”, without a required statutory hearing, 4 years ago. They are now 16, 14 and 12. I am a CPA and have an unblemished record. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars just defending myself in family court, post-divorce, and my parenting was never an issue.”

“Shortly following being flooded out by Hurricane Sandy, I had to deal with Paul Escandon regarding the matter of my son’s father seeking to wrongfully emancipate my son and be freed of any child support obligations.” Carol Ann Habner said in a letter to the committee. “I was not able to attend the original date of the hearing and went through obstacle upon obstacle to reschedule; sending faxes, speaking with several individuals in the court offices and even to the point of driving out to the Freehold courthouse to directly speak with multiple individuals including the clerk for Escandon. I was eventually assured that the hearing date would be adjourned and rescheduled. I was lied to. They had a hearing anyway.


“Well, I was shocked to receive notification, after the fact, that despite my multitude of extensive efforts to cover every possible base and having written as well as verbal documentation, the hearing proceeded on the original scheduled date, obviously without my presence as though none of my efforts had ever transpired. I was denied my right to due process because my son’s father bribed Escandon.”

It isn’t only females or family court victims who have complained to the committee. David Haber sent a letter detailing Judge Escandon’s role in his divorce.

“I wish I could be there in person to deliver this message, to tell you face to face what an incompetent, corrupt, evil and criminal person Paul Escandon is,” Haber said in a letter sent to the committee.

“Even though there was no provision in the New Jersey Statutes for post JOD interest on spousal support, Escandon, in 2011, ordered 19 years of accrued interest added to the amount allegedly owed.

“Escandon, who had no jurisdiction to even hear a bankruptcy creditor claim, in 2011 reinstated a debt discharged in a Federal Bankruptcy Court in 1991, 191/2 years earlier, and added accrued interest. He clearly violated Federal Law, under the color of authority.”

Rebel Pundit sent an email to each member of the committee but received no responses.

Rebel Pundit spoke to four Escandon victims- Alintoff, Pisciotti, Tameka Maurice, and Paula Wolfe Antonopoulos- and all four said they were mortified that Governor Christie made this reappointment.

Alintoff said she was told privately in 2014 by Governor Christie’s office that he would not reappoint Judge Escandon.

“Governor Christie has told me and I can pass it along to you,” Alintoff said recalling a conversation she had with Ashmore, “I can assure you that Judge Paul Escandon will never get tenure.”

While numerous judges appointments were voted on at the same Senate Judiciary hearing on May 23, Judge Escandon’s vote has been tabled following the testimony and a vote has yet to be scheduled.

3 Responses

  1. Cecilia Sparks

    Well, did anyone really think they could trust Chris Christie? Just proves he cannot be trusted to ever serve as U.S. President. Remember that, ladies and gentlmen, when you look at anything he runs for.

  2. Rachel Alintoff

    Below, is just a small portion of my testimony against Escandon for tenure….As a large group speaking out publicly on the massive corruption displayed by Judge Escandon, we are still hopeful that the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee will do the right thing and vote “NO” on tenure for Judge Paul X. Escandon

    Rachel Alintoff’s Testimony Before NJ Senate Judiciary Committee
    Against Tenure of Judge Paul Escandon of Monmouth County 5/23/16

    Chairman Scutari, committee members and concerned citizens, thank you all for allowing me to speak for myself and others at this important committee meeting regarding the potential tenure of Judge Paul Escandon.

    Let me be crystal clear from the start of my testimony: in my opinion and experience as a past litigant, victim and survivor in Judge Paul Escandon’s courtroom, he certainly should NOT be given tenure, nor should he serve as a judge or attorney of any kind EVER again.

    In my opinion, he lost the privilege of serving as judge many years ago for what I believe was his clearly bias, fraudulent, and inappropriate behavior and decisions as a family court judge in Monmouth County New Jersey.


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