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Yesterday we stumbled across a marketing team promoting GM vehicles at the University of Chicago. Students were being offered $10 to test drive Chevy’s inferior quality cars around campus, and promised an additional $10 to the Colleges Against Cancer fund at the school for each participant.

Passersby were also offered free pizza and soft drinks on GM’s dime.

$20 bucks and pizza, not bad….

While donating money to this presumably noble cause seems like a nice thing for Chevy to do, who decided now is a good time for them to do so? And a $10 giveaway to students? Who decided that was a good idea?

We spoke with one of the marketing team members who said this was a promo that Chevy was just kicking off around the Midwest. He estimated the economically brain-challenged auto company, who received a $49 billion TARP bailout from the taxpayers, would be giving away about $1,200-$1,500 that day.

Sadly, after the smoke-and-mirror reporting over the past year or so, GM has still not repaid its TARP loan, and 33 percent of the company is still owned by the taxpayers.

$1,200-$1,500 to students who hardly pay taxes at all, roaming around a university campus on a Saturday…. All the while, the likelihood that these kids are even in the market to buy a car is slim.

[vsw id=”9OfKriBM81k” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”259″ autoplay=”no”]

Aside from making the worst cars on the street, it seems GM is also plagued with the decision-making skills of three-year-old children. But then again, three-year-olds might be less irresponsible….


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