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While many of the traditional Taste of Chicago vendors have been lost this year as the Godfather, Rahm Emanuel, cut Chicago’s annual festival down to 5 days from 10-there’s one new item on the menu. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will be providing free Asian Carp sliders, made from ground up patties of the invasive species, this Wednesday.

And in true government fashion, they’re free. That means the Asian Carp sliders will be competing with other vendors like Lou Malnati’s and Eli’s cheesecake for share-of-stomach.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

“Guests will be able to sample this healthy, tasty fish free of charge near the Taste entrance at Congress Parkway,” the department statement said. “The Shedd Aquarium and Army Corps of Engineers will also be there to show not only how good these can taste, but the important work that we are doing in terms of protecting the Great Lakes from these fish.”

“The samples will be Asian carp sliders, like mini-burgers,” said Chris McCloud of the IDNR adding that they will be serving about 750 burgers until supplies are gone.”

Mayor Rahm “Dead fish” Emanuel’s decision to cut back on Taste is like serving up dead fish to Taste-of-Chicago-goers. In this case, literally.

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