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Yesterday Glenn Beck gave Newt Gingrich the toughest interview he is likely to face for the duration of the 2012 presidential campaign. While Gingrich has been leading in the polls recently, there is great reason to question why. Beck even asked “tea partiers” today on the radio if the tea party rallies over the past couple years were really about conservative values and opposing big government–or if it was really just because the president was black?

Beck’s interview exposes how all the “liberal” things Gingrich has done in the past, were not just mistakes as he now claims, after going on his listening tour with tea partiers over the past six months.

Gingrich uses carefully crafted language and impressive references to history in his answers, which definitely helps him come across as a desirable candidate to those who are itching for a candidate to destroy Barack Obama in 2012. But after listening to this interview, one can easily understand, Newt is an establishment-beltway republican who believes that big government really is the solution to our problems, as long as it is big government he can control.

GLENN: Why would we, why would we go into subsidies, though? Isn’t ‑‑ aren’t subsidies really some of the biggest problems that we have with our spending and outofcontrol picking of winners and losers?

GINGRICH: Well, it depends on what you’re subsidizing. The idea of having economic incentives for manufacturing goes back to Alexander Hamilton’s first report of manufacturing which I believe was 1791. We have always had a bias in favor of investing in the future. We built the transcontinental railroads that way. The Erie Canal was built that way. We’ve always believed that having a strong infrastructure and having a strong energy system are net advantages because they’ve made us richer and more powerful than any country in the world. But what I object to is subsidizing things that don’t work and things that aren’t creating a better future. And the problem with the modern welfare state is it actually encourages people to the wrong behaviors, encourages them not to work, encourages them not to study.

It is easy to wonder how self-proclaimed “conservatives” can even begin to support this big-government progressive. If tea partiers want to restore the constitution and conservative values, they’re going to have to get back to supporting the real conservatives in this race. Newt Gingrich is simply not one of them.

Read the full transcript.

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  1. Daneil

    I see your point but disagree with you. I would agree with you if we had a president in the white house and we needed we had the option to bring in some one more conservative. I think Newt is the best choice to beat Obama. One: every time he talks you learn something. Two: I don’t know anyone that thinks Obama can stand up to him in a debate. Three: We need to get behind some one that can get Obama out of office and the only way to do that is to win the independents.

    Yes, lesser of two evils, but this country will not survive with another 4 years of Obama. The damage that has been done already and the damage he will cause if he has 4 more years will be the end of the Republic. Obama wants to scream every time he is on tv or being interviewed “I’m a Marxist” but he can’t right now. If he wins another 4 years he will say it and push even harder for what he wants.

    This election is not about who is the most conservative, it is about getting Obama out of office.

    • Alex DeWolf

      Brilliant. Now this becomes about getting Obama out of office instead of the issues (jobs and illegal foreclosures). Of course non of the GOP candidates will help us with issues. Oh an BTW can you please get our government to stop pushing Christian social agendas, I would rather see the time and money spent on getting jobs.


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