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At Wednesday’s repeat performance Chick-fil-A protest by Chicago gay activists, picketers emulated last Friday’s taunting of an elderly black man reading the bible by screaming and pointing at a priest praying the rosary in their midst.

The priest, who appears to have been off to the side with a few other pro-Chick-fil-A protesters, walked quietly into the midst of a group of protesters. He then began praying the rosary to himself. has the video:

As you can see in the video, one of the women protesters shouts at the priest, Father Gerald O’Reilly, “We don’t want your bigoted prayers, why don’t you go where you’re wanted!”

The gay activists then point their fingers at him, shouting “shame! shame! shame!” and “hateful bigot! hateful bigot!” One woman loudly jeers “ha ha” and points her finger at him.

Father Gerald O’Reilly is then taken aside by police officers who escort him to the side. (It is unclear why they had the authority to do so.)

He complies, remaining calm throughout the entire incident.

Afterwards, Father O”Reilly tells the inteviewer, “When I asked about being tolerant, where was their tolerance?”

The gay activists reveal that tolerance is in fact the last principle they uphold; rather, you must share their views or you will be bullied and ridiculed. As they continue to show their true colors, it is clear where their intolerance of the First Amendment rights of Chick-fil-A’s Cathy comes from.

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