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Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson made an appearance before the Chicago chapter of America’s Future Foundation on Thursday, ostensibly to promote the ideas of his group the Our America Initiative.  That group, however, is largely seen as a platform from which Johnson may launch an eventual 2012 presidential bid.

On Facebook, Johnson lists his political views as “Conservative” and there is no doubt that on fiscal matters, even the fiercest deficit hawk in Washington could learn something from the man who wielded his veto pen over 750 times during his two terms as governor.  That averages over two vetoes a day for every day the New Mexico legislature was in session until he was term-limited out of office and was more than all the governors of the other 49 states combined over that time period.  Before he left office Johnson had eliminated the state’s budget deficit, restrained the growth of spending, and left New Mexico with a one billion dollar surplus.  Importantly, he did it all without ever raising taxes.

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