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Fox News spent the entire day jumping on the Herman Cain sex “scandal.” The scandal that apparently has no validity and really no significance for that matter.

Here is the interview from Fox News earlier.

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What some may find interesting however is the timing of this “news” scandal, that comes on the same day as an University of Texas at Austin/Texas Tribune poll shows Cain is now leading Texas Governor Rick Perry for President–despite the raging “racism” of American Conservatives.

From the Washington Times:

A surging Herman Cain has a slim lead in Republican presidential primary polling in Texas — topping even Gov. Rick Perry, who happens to also be running for the nomination, according to a University of Texas at Austin/Texas Tribune poll.

The poll found Mr. Cain with 27 percent support among Republican registered voters, while Mr. Perry grabbed 26 percent support. Rep. Ron Paul, who represents a Texas district, was third with 12 percent support.

Mr. Perry would, however, steamroll in a general election, topping President Obama 45-37. Mr. Cain leads Mr. Obama 40-35.

More… From the Times

3 Responses

  1. Mark Adams

    Fox News needs to knock this off, or be looked at as nothing better than all the rest of the News hacks out there.
    The story was a “dig in the trash can for goodies” attempt by liberals writing for Politico.

    Lets take a look at them:

    Jonathan Martin-regularly appears on CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, NPR, ABC and CBS
    Maggie Haberman- worked for New York Post
    Anna Palmer- a virtual no name
    Kenneth P. Vogel- analyzes politics on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR

    Need I say more?

  2. Eva Sorock

    Probably not breaking news, but Jonathan Alter of Politico is the same journalist who shoveled the dirt on Joe the Plumber, and later made up some juicy tales about Sarah Palin.

  3. Tim

    Fox news is a joke. Dont let the left/right paradigm fool you. Once I heard Oreilly call for gun confiscations and Beck call for VAT and bailouts, I turned it off with the exception of Andrew Napolitano. 2 sides of the same coin in the media, but sadly some think there is a difference.


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