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Thanks to the support of American forces under U.S. Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, it only took about 5 months to topple the Gadaffi regime in Libya. NATO announced today that it is ending the bombing campaign, as the black Al Qaeda flag now flies prominently over Benghazi.

Mission accomplished….

The UK Daily Mail has the story:

The flag of Al Qaeda has been spotted flying over the courthouse in Benghazi, while rebels in Libya are said to have imposed Sharia law since seizing power.

Nato stuck to its decision to end the operation despite calls from Libya’s National Transitional Council for it to stay engaged longer.

Nato says it does not expect to play a major post-war role, although it could assist the transition to democracy by helping with security sector reform.

Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen will mark the end of the mission by visiting Libya today, where he will meet Libya’s NTC and members of civil society, the alliance said.

Allies of Nato have been keen to see a quick conclusion to a costly effort that has involved more than 26,000 air sorties and round-the-clock naval patrols at a time when budgets are under severe strain due to the global economic crisis.

The U.N. Security Council authorized the mission in March to protect civilians caught up in the civil war.

Nato staff temporarily seconded to the headquarters in Naples for the Libyan operation are being reassigned to their regular duties, officials said.

The NTC officially announced Libya’s liberation on October 23, days after the capture and death of Gaddafi. Nato commanders have said they believe the interim administration is able to take care of the country’s security.

Last week, however, Al Qaeda’s black flag, complete with Arabic script declaring ‘there is no God but Allah’ and full moon underneath, was seen fluttering above the Benghazi courthouse building, according to

The black flag is said to be flying over the building alongside the Libyan national flag.


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